Nirvana in Fire Character Profiles

The political plotting and myrid of characters in Nirvana in Fire or Lang Ya Bang may get a little overwhelming for non-Chinese speakers. When I was first exposed to the story, I got drowned in the many names and relationships of the characters. I hope the character profiles will give you a better understanding of the story as well as the trailer. 

Mei Changsu
Born as Lin Shu, the secretive and sickly Mei Changsu is the sect leader of the Jiangzuo Alliance and the top gentleman of the Lang Ya Ranking. He is the only survivor of the bloody persecution of his clan and comrades 12 years ago. The tragic event transformed the outgoing and optimistic youthful Lin Shu into scheming man bend on redressing the wrongs and grievances that befell the Lin clan and the Cheyan Army.  He returns to the capital 12 years later as the coveted political strategist sought after by the two rivaling princely fractions. He does not choose to support one of the two strongest contenders to the throne. Instead, he picks to groom a politically weak prince and his childhood best friend, Xiao Jingyan, into a powerful contender for the throne as part of his grand scheme for revenge.

Lin Shu
The 17-year old son of the prominent General Lin Xie and Princess Jingyan. He is the young commander of Cheyan Army who grew up with his cousin, Prince Jing. Happy, reckless, and bold, Lin Shu's sunny personality seems unconquerable.   He "died" with his comrades and father at the winter Battle of Meiling and get resurrected as Mei Changsu.

Mu Nihuang, Princess of Yunnan
A female warrior who bravely leads her troop to protect the southern border of the Liang Dynasty. Although she is not blood related to the ruling family, she inherits the title of princess from her clan's powerful influence in the Yunnan region. As a teenager, she was engaged to Lin Shu.

Prince Jing - Xiao Jingyan
The 7th son of Emperor Liang and son of Consort Jing. Unlike the other imperial princes, the 31-year old Prince Jing would rather spend most of his time in the battlefield than participate in court politics. He despises courtly machination and volunteers to become a frontier soldier in order to escape the capital after his best friend's and eldest brother's deaths . His obstinate nature caused many headaches and verbal clashes with his father. When he believes something is right, he does not compromise his principles to reap the benefits. Due to his stubbornness and preference for water over tea, Lin Shu and his eldest brother Prince Qi nicknamed him "water ox."

Meng Ji 蒙擊
The Chief of the Imperial Guards and the top fighter in the Liang Dynasty. He is Mei Changsha's right hand man and is one of the few people who knows about his real identity.

Prince Yu - Xiao Jinghuan
Fifth son of the Liang Emperor and the adopted son of Empress Yan. He covets to become the next successor of the Liang Dynasty. Tactful and cunning, he is able to win strong political support for his ambition and becomes a popular candidate to supplant his brother as crown prince.

Liang Emperor 梁帝
His highly suspicious nature and fear of power loss contributed to the Cheyan Army tragedy and caused the deaths of many innocent lives. He will not hesitate destroy any person who dares threaten his authority, including his own sons.

Crown Prince - Xiao Jingxuan 萧景宣
Son of the Liang Emperor and Imperial Consort Yue. To retain his position as crown prince, he is willing to use all means to justify his ends

Fei Liu 飞流
Mei Changsu's loyal bodyguard. Despite his young age, Fei Liu is one of the best martial art fighters in the Liang Kingdom.

Xiao Jingrui 萧景睿
As a young nobleman, he is descended from both the Xie and Zhuo clan. In reality, he is the illegitimate son of Princess Liyang and the hostage prince from the Chu Kingdom, Yuwen Lin. Xiao Jingrui is skilled in both martial art and in literature. By nature, he is kind and generous and sees Mei Changsha as his confidant. But when his complicated birth secrets get unveiled, Jingrui's peaceful world collapses.

Yan Yujin 言豫津
Son of Lord Yan and nephew to Empress Yan. Carefree by nature, he would rather lead a hedonistic lifes than get embroiled into court intrigue.

Xie Yu 谢玉
Husband to Princess Liyang and stepfather to Xiao Jingrui. He was one of the masterminds behind the plot to frame the Cheyan Army for treason.

Xia Jiang 夏江
Head of the Xuan Jing Bureau (a.k.a Secret Investigation Bureau). He plots with Xie Yu to frame the Cheyan Army for treason.

Consort Jing 静妃
Mother of Prince Jing. She is the adopted sister of Lin Shu's father, Lin Xian. When she was a young traveling doctor, Lin Xian saved her life and adopted her into his family. She accompanied Lin Xie's sister, Lin Leyao , into the palace and later became a concubine. Despite the Lin clan's conviction of treason against the throne, Consort Jin secretly laments the injustice that befell her adopted brother and his family.

Gong Yu 宫羽
The most talented musician at Miaoyinfang (a pleasure house for the rich and powerful). She works as a spy for Mei Changfang and secretly loves him.
Qin Banruo 秦般若
Prince Yu's beautiful strategist. She also works secretly for the descendant of a perished dynasty, Princess Xuanji, who plots to upset the political stability of the Liang Dynasty.

Xia Dong 夏冬
A subordinate of Xia Jiang and works for Xuan Jing Bureau . She was married to a military officer in the Cheyan Army but presumed her husband died with his comrades in the rebellion.

Princess Liyang 莅阳长公主
Younger sister of the Liang Emperor. Wife of Xie Yue and mother of Xiao Jingrui and Xie Bi.

Empress Yan
The adopted mother of Prince Yu and sister to Yan Que

Yan Que 言阙
Brother to Empress Yan. He and Lin Xie were traveling buddies during their boyhood years. He was also in love with Lin Xie's younger sister, Lin Leyao, who later became Consort Chen. When the Cheyan Army were brutally framed and persecuted, he plots to right his best friend's name by overthrowing Emperor Liang. 

Mu Qing 穆青
Younger brother of Princess Nihuang.

Lin Ge 
The master of the Langya Pavilion. He saved Lin Shu's life and became one of the few people to know Mei Changshu's real identify.

Xie Bi 谢
Son of Xie Yu and Princess Liyang. Half-brother to Xiao Jingrui

General Lin Xie 林燮
Supreme commander of the Cheyan Army. Father of Lin Shu and husband to Princess Jingyang. He died with his soldiers after being ambushed by his own countrymen. 

Miss Liu 柳小姐 - Future wife of Prince Jing
The beloved granddaughter of a  prominent civil official, Liu Cheng. Prince Jing saves her when he was passing by the Zhen Shan Monastery.

Prince Qi 祁王- Xiao Jingyu 萧景禹
The beloved eldest brother of Prince Jing and maternal cousin of Lin Shu. His birth mother is Consort Chen, the blood sister of General Lin. Prince Qi is well-respected and well-known for his talents. Both Prince Jing and Lin Shu looked up to Prince Qi as their role model. He was wrongly implicated as the mastermind behind the "treasonous" act of the Cheyan Army and his father sentenced him to death.

Consort Chen 宸妃- Lin Leyao 林乐瑶
Sister of Lin Xian, mother to Prince Qi, aunt to Lin Shu.

Princess Jinyang 晋阳公主
Sister of the Emperor, mother of Lin Shu, wife to Lin Xie. She committed suicide when she learned that her son and husband were executed at Meiling Mountain.

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