Deleted Scenes from Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom Script

Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (3L3W) or aka Eternal Love has officially ended for over three weeks but I'm still suffering from serious drama withdrawal! It's been a long time since I've been this obsessive over a drama series. I think the last series I followed religiously was Go Princess Go, which was over a year ago.

The production of 3L3W far exceeded my expectations. Not only were the actors' interpretation of the characters right on the spot, the scriptwriter did a wonderful job filling in the story gaps. If I have to point out some flaws about this drama series, I wish the side characters (aka Donghua/Feng Jiu) had less screen time and the the original written scenes scripted for the OTP was kept in the drama series.

After reading some parts of the original script, I notice some scenes between Ye Hua and Su Su were either taken out from filming or completely altered to facilitate shooting. One major scene deleted was a bed scene that was supposed to explain little A'Li's conception.

I tried my best to do a quick translation of the script. Excuse any typos or bad translation. Enjoy!

Note: The number reflects the episode number and scene number. The drama was scripted for 40 episodes but the drama was cut into 58 episodes.

11-24. Mortal World- River Bank – Daytime

Characters: Su Su, Ye Hua, Rich Young Lady, Maidservant, Manservant, Commoners

  Su Su and Ye Hua walk toward the river bank. Beggars are leaning against the trees along the roadside begging passerby for food.
  Su Su stares in shock at the scene.

Su Su: Ye Hua, this area is a stark contrast to Jun Ji Mountain.

Ye Hua: The cities of Zhongrong Nation at the foothills of Jun Ji Mountain are better off but the remaining areas are constantly plagued by droughts.

Su Su: (Sighs as she take a look at her surroundings) We're traveling southward from drought-plagued farmlands to flood plains, no wonder the people of Zhongrong Nation have such a difficult livelihood. The Zhongrong King who slashed his neck with a sword is unfit to rule as a sovereign. He abandoned his subjects and people to such misery and blight with his death.

Ye Hua: (in a low whisper) There’s more to it. After the King’s death, his princes fought fiercely over the throne.

Su Su: Yep, I understand. When the King was alive, the princes fought to be the successor. When the King is dead, the princes start to fight for the throne.

Ye Hua: (Glances at her) How do you know so clearly?

Su SuThat’s how they are sung in the drama plays.

  As they chat, they near a ship.
  A large ship is docked near the river bank with two large wood planks. Roughly 7 to 8 manservants dressed in black are kicking several small merchants from boarding.

Manservant A:  Get lost! Get lost! Just wait for the next ship!

Commoner A: Sir, the next ship arrives in 10 days. I beg you to let us board this ship.

Manservant B: Can’t you see the ship is already full?! The family of Master Jia is on board this ship, how could I let you all horde up the space?

Manservant C: Our master is benevolent. He just allowed twenty people to board, isn’t that already enough?

Commoner B: (Latches onto the arm of the Manservant A) Sir, I beg you to let us board. The horse bandits have already slaughtered several villages!

  Manservant A kicks Commoner B away.
  As Commoner B falls back, Ye Hua catches him.
  Ye Hua lets him go and walks toward the deck. As he gives out a very cold and menacing vibe, the people around him step away to clear a path for him.
  Su Su holds onto her fan to cover her face and only shows her eyes. She watches her surroundings.

Manservant A: Who are you? What do you want?
Ye Hua does not respond but just coldly glances at the manservant. The latter shudders and doesn’t dare to speak again.

Manservant B: (Gathers up his courage) This ship is already full. You can’t board this ship anymore. You…you should wait for the next one!

Manservant D: That’s right! Don’t you dare just give us a cold glare.  We’re not scare of you just because you’re holding a sword and dress in nice clothes!

   As Su Su enjoys the spectacle, she suddenly sees a young lady emerges on board the ship looking toward her direction. She closes her fan.

Su Su: (In a serious tone) Your Highness, we shouldn’t board this ship.

Ye Hua: (Taken aback, looks at Su Su) What did you say?

Su Su: (Gives a hint with her eyes, waves her fan and lies out of her mouth) oh…no, I meant that since the master is on board, this ship must be filled with gold, silver and precious gemstones. If they encounter pirates at sea, then you’ll be exposed to danger. 

  Su Su throws Ye Hua another look.

  Ye Hua finally realizes that Su Su is lying and couldn’t contain himself with a small smile. 
  The manservants are in disbelief and look at each other.

Manservant A: (rolls up his sleeves) Don’t think you can just throw out nonsense that I’ll believe your words that you pretty boys are “Your almighty Highness!” I’ve seen plenty of swindlers in this world…

  On board the ship, the beautiful young lady speaks out to stop him.

Young Lady: Wait.

Manservant B: (Quickly turns his head back) My lady?

Young Lady: Let these two gentlemen board the ship.

Manservant A: (turns his head in confusion) My lady, they are obviously swindlers.

Young Lady: (smiles gently) When I said let them board the ship, just let them board the ship.

  After the young lady finishes speaking, she turns around to head back.
  Su Su raises her arms in salute.

Su Su: (in righteous solemn manner) The young lady seems like a kind-hearted person. Then it must be her servants’ personal intent to use their master’s power to bully the poor people from boarding the ship?

Young Lady: (She stops in her footsteps, turns around with a smile) That’s right. (Glances at her servants). The deck is quite empty. The captain had said that we can let another twenty people board this ship. Don’t block their way. They are all helpless people.

Manservant A: (uneasy) My Lady, this…

Young Lady: (Looks down) Didn’t I speak clearly?

All manservants: (Quickly tilt their heads down) Yes.

Su Su: (In a righteous, solemn tone) The young lady seems like a kind-hearted person. Then it must be her servants’ personal intent to use their master’s power to bully the poor people from boarding the ship?

Young Lady: (She stops in her footsteps, turns around with a smile) That’s right. (Glances at her servants). The deck is quite empty. The captain had said that we can let another twenty people board this ship. Don’t block their way. They are all helpless people.

Manservant A: (uneasy) My Lady, this…

Young Lady: (Looks down) Didn’t I speak clearly?

All manservants: (quickly title their heads down) Yes.

 As the young lady finished up speaking, she gives Ye Hua and Su Su a gentle, flirtatious look and gracefully walks away.

11-25. Mortal world- onboard the ship. Daytime

Characters: Su Su, Ye Hua, rich young lady, maidservant, captain, shipmates, manservants.

  On the ship deck, raggedly clothes people sit with their arms wrapped around her bags huddled in a spot. Su Su and Ye Hua steps up from behind.

Ye Hua: (Gives Su Su a ) Why did you call me “Highness”?

Su Su: Didn’t you just say that the several princes of the Zhongrong Nation are fighting ferociously for the throne? So I just concocted the idea.

Ye Hua: So you also got that idea from all the plays you heard?

Su Su: (Confused) How did you know? Don’t those young ladies drama plays from rich families always fall for young gentlemen in need or those wandering heroes from the martial arts world? If you’re prince secretly traveling in disguise, wouldn’t she be more attracted to you?

Ye Hua: (Amused) How could you be so sure she’ll believe you?

Su Su: (taps her fan) These rich young ladies probably listen to these drama plays more than me. So they most definitely daydream more than me.

  Suddenly, a maidservant exits from the ship cabin and look around to search for something.

Su Su: (jolts up in joy) The maidservant must be following her mistress’ order to look for you and me.

  The maidservant turns her head to find Su Su and Ye Hua, and immediately walks toward them and bows.

Maidservant: Gentlemen, my mistress said the ship deck is very dirty and does not serve you both well. The ship cabin has a room that can accommodate you both.

Su Su: (raises her arms in salute) Thank you Miss. We’ll take it then.

Maidservant: (Straightens her back) And…If you both won’t mind, my mistress has prepared some simple wine and food serve you.

Su Su: Oh…Your mistress has so generously let us board this ship. We should go thank her first but she has already prepared food and wine for us. How I could take such hospitality without shame.

Maidservant: Sir, no need to be so humble. My mistress has always been very hospitable.

Su Su: (raises her arms again in salute) Then we won’t refuse such hospitality.

  Maidservant turns around to lead the way.
  Su Su nudges Ye Hua with a smile.

Su Su: Those drama plays don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to me!

Ye Hua: (Glazes at her quietly) Are you just going to hand me over to her?

Su Su: (Brightens up) Or maybe I caught her eye!

Ye Hua: (Looks at her up and down) You’re that confident?

Su Su: (bursts out laughing. Uses her hand to pat Ye Hua’s chest) This area of yours is only occupied by me. No one can steal it away from me.

Ye Hua: (Slowly reaches out to grab hold of her hand and press it against his heart) That’s right.

11-27 Mortal world –outside of the cabin chamber. Night.
Characters: Su Su, Ye Hua, Rich Young Lady, Maidservant

  Rich young lady gracefully curtsy.

Young Lady: (Looks at Su Su tenderly) Please take an early rest. Once the ships anchor tomorrow morning, I can accompany you and show you around on land.

Su Su: (Waves her fan and flirtatiously smiles) Thank you Miss for your warm hospitality. (Looks at Ye Hua with a smirk)

  Ye Hua coldly turns his back to them.
  The young lady disconcertingly looks at Ye Hua’s back.

Young Lady: (Asks Su Su in quiet whisper) Young master, your…older brother, did I offend him?

Su Su:  Young Miss must not mind him. His temper has always been this way. (Raises her arms) Miss, I’ll see you tomorrow.

  When Su Su finished talking, she chases after Ye Hua.

11-28. Mortal world – inside a bedroom of the ship cabin. Nighttime.
Characters: Su Su, Ye Hua

As Su Su sits leisurely on the bed, she uses her index finger to touch her thumb to form a circle, and the remaining three fingers taps the surface of a table on the bed.

Su Su: (Sigh) When I was at Jun Ji Mountain, I thought I stroke a great deal by having you devote yourself entirely to me. But judging from how warmly and sincerely the young lady treated me, I realize that you’re the one who got the better end of the bargain.

Ye Hua stands at the side and grabs a tangerine from the fruit basket.

Ye Hua: (As he peals the tangerine's skin away, he sneakily smiles) The young lady’s taste is quite uniquely peculiar.

Ye Hua hands Su Su the pealed tangerine.
Su Su instinctively raises her hand to take it, but Ye Hua unexpectedly pulls it away and wrap his arm around her waist to change their position. He ends up sitting on the bed and put Su Su on his lap (right leg). 

Ye Hua: (Solemn expression) We’re getting off this ship tomorrow.

Su Su: (Bewildered) You…you’re not jealous, are you?

Ye Hua: (Ripe a piece of tangerine and put it in Su Su’s mouth) That’s right. I’m jealous.

Su Su (Bursts out in laughter) So you act in such a way when you’re jealous?

Su Su is ecstatic. She helps herself by taking a piece of tangerine from Ye Hua’s hand and put it in her mouth.

Su Su: (her mouth full) If I was truly a man, then I’ll understand your jealousy. But I’m still a woman in the end.  Additionally, those drama plays always say “The affection grows between a man and a woman, but it should be restrained by the rules of decorum.” Even if I was in a man’s body, I won’t do anything. The Moral code and the proper rule of conduct will always restrain—— (her voice stops suddenly)

Before Su Su could finish her sentence, Ye Hua pushes her on the bed and lies on top of her.

Ye Hua: That day when you asked me through the bronze mirror if I like children?

Su Su: (Gurgles, swallows the tangerine, and without hesitation) Yes, I asked you.

Ye Hua smiles and pulls down her hair band to free her long hair. Her long black hair slides down to frame her face.
Su Su looks up at him, and reaches out to untie his belt.

Ye Hua: (Looks down at her move, and gently smiles) What? Aren’t you going to abide to “The affection grows between a man and a woman, but it should be restrained by the rules of decorum”?

Su Su: Those sayings are intended to fool others. (Kisses his lips, and wraps her arms around his neck) Ye Hua, humans don’t live pass a hundred years. Life is short and difficult. For the next few decades, I just want to spend every day happily with you.  I like you. I hope you know it. (Her voice softens) Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

Ye Hua remains silent. Stares at Su Su’s eyes.

Ye Hua: (Moments later, lowers his head to her ear) I understand.

The scene fades out and the candles in the room flickers. 

P.S. A'Li officially enters his mother's belly. 

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