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Sealed with a Kiss Main Theme Song Revamped into Korean

While I was watching the Korean drama Arang and the Magistrate, I found one of the theme songs to be awfully familiar but couldn't pinpoint it in my memory where I had heard it before. I later realize it was Hawick Lau's Thousand Mountains in Sealed with a Kiss. Go figure. Somehow I'm surprised and not so surprised about the Korean adaptation of this theme song. Not surprised because the song was originally written by a Korean composer 刘英锡 or Yoo Young Suk. Hawick Lau also purposely went to Korea to get trained for the song and did the recording there too. Surprised because I did not expect MBC to use previously existing music material for their drama series.

Fanshipping a historical couple: Li Shimin and his beloved Empress Zhangsun

I have a strong habit to "ship" people together. This involuntary desire to ship couples can range from real life celebrities, characters in dramas or movies, characters in manga/books to famous historical figures! Fortunately, I have no interest to ship individuals I know in real life. PHEW! There are quite a few historical couples that I shipped, but my ultimate favorite is the Tang Dynasty Emperor Taizong 唐太宗 (personal name Li Shimin 李世民) and his Empress Zhangsun 长孙皇后. I'm not sure if you've heard of this couple since many existing Chinese period dramas tend not explore their relationship. They are often written as major characters in a series but Li Shimin ALWAYS gets paired up with some fictitious female character. -_-

Character Portraits and Speculation on Rank of Colors in Female Prime Minister

A drought has once again descended upon my land of dramas and I have nothing substantive to post besides the occasional picture spurts. My eagerness for October 1 has all but dissipated. I highly doubt Female Prime Minister will get to air next month. It seems the unspoken ban on costume series from September to November during prime time hours (7 pm to 10pm) is taking effect. For the past two months and will probably continue till November, Hunan TV has been airing nothing but modern series and idol dramas. I'm soooo sick of them. I want to see pretty people in pretty costumes with a good storyline. After Turbulence of the Mu Clan, I'm back on the hunt for series that can hold my interest.

Recap: Turbulence of the Mu Clan Episode 1-2

Turbulence of the Mu Clan evolves heavily around family politics and revenge. The constant plotting and traps can get tiresome, but the series still provides enough surprises and excitement to make the story engaging, I'm mostly intrigued by the main love story and perhaps the development of the Mu Zeng's character. Though Aleqiu is the #1 central character that connects everything together, I feel her character can get too goody two shoes for my liking. She has both good and annoying moments, so I have mixed feelings about her in general. Anyway, I'm planning to do some recaps focusing mainly on the OTP.