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✿ Chinese Drama ✿ Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013

Mandarin titleThe Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils/ Tian Long Ba Bu/ 新天龙八部
# Episode: 54
Genre: Wuxia
Release date: December 22, 2013
Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast: Wallace Chung as Qiao Feng/Xiao Feng, Kim Ki Bum as Duan Yu, Han Dong as Xu Zhu, Zhang Meng as Wang Yuyan, Jia Qing as A'zhu/A'zhi, Viann Zhang as Madame Ma/Kang Min

Interest spiking for Wallace Chung's Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Compared to the recent remake of Return of the Condor Heroes, I surprisingly have very little expectations for this remake of Demi-Gods and Semi Devils. My favorite version has always been Zhang Ji Zhong's 2003 adaptation because of Hu Jun's Qiao Feng and Liu Tao' A'zhu. But since this newer adaptation is adding more screen time to the Qiao Feng and A'zhu story arc, I'm definitely on board the ship to catch a glimpse when it airs next week on December 22. 
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Guo Jing and Huang Rong in the new Return of the Condor Heroes

One of the most redeeming qualities about the new adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes is the cast for the"middle-aged" couple Huang Rong and Guo Jing. Compared to the first installment in the Condor Trilogy, the character of Huang Rong is written in a much less favorable light the second installment.  No matter how "unpopular" Huang Rong becomes during her middle age years, she remains my favorite female character in the Louis Cha/Jin Yong's universe. My second favorite character also coincidentally happens to be her daughter, Guo Xiang, who not only inherited the mother's beauty but also her brains.