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Growing Anticipation for Wallace Huo & Yang Zi Pairing in Battle of Changsha

Today marks the end of shooting for the cast and crew of Battle of Changsha after three months of hard work. According to the main lead actress, Yang Zi, we should expect to see the release of this World War II family epic next year.

✿ Chinese Drama ✿ Su Dongpo

Mandarin title: Su Dongpo/苏东坡
# Episode: 44
Genre: Historical, biographical
Director: Wang Wenjie
Release date: May 16, 2012
Broadcasting Company: Various
Cast: Lu Yi as Su Shi/Su Dongpo, Lu Yi as Su Shi/Su Dongpo, Ruby Lin as Wang Fu, He Wei as Wang Anshi, Han Yuqin as Wang Runzhi, Niu Piao as Su Xun, Liu Wenzhi as Sima Guang, Song Haolin as Su Zhe, Shen Junyi as Fan Zhen, Wang Xiaochen as Wang Zhaoyun, Wang Shihuai as Ouyang Xiu

Female Prime Minister undergoes name change and "merry-go-round" in its release date

Sorry readers! I have some discouraging news for you. Apparently the release date of Female Prime Minister still hasn't been finalized yet. Now opens the possibility of a April release date and not January anymore. *CRIES*  According to Yu Zheng (again), a new SARFT rule has been adopted prohibiting  major provincial TV stations to broadcast two period dramas consecutively. Hunan TV is currently airing the Sui and Tang Dynasty Heroes. Thus, the next series needs to a modern drama and the the next series to succeed the modern drama is believed to be Wallace Huo's Swordsman. What's up with all these stupid SARFT rules?!