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Beauties Without Tears/In Love with Power Main Theme Song Released!

I really love the the instrumental introduction to this song. The singing by Yuan Shan Shan and Han Dong is mediocre but the music is really lovely and soothing! I think some type of Mongolian wind instrument is used in the introduction, but I don't know name of it since I'm an absolute dumbie in terms of music. I hear it used a lot in Mongolian pop music. Wish I knew the name. =/

✿ Chinese Drama ✿ My Sassy Girlfriend/Qianniu's Summer

Mandarin title: Cow's Summer/ My Sassy Girlfriend/ Qian Niu De Xia Tian/牵牛的夏天/ 我的野蛮女友
# Episode: 28
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release date: May 20, 2012     Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast: Eddie Peng as Jin Qianniu, Zhang Meng as Tong Xiaoxia, Ma Yingjie as Zhang Junyu, Zheng Xiaoxuan as Zhang Lingzhi

The Aging Process of Lu Yi in Su Dongpo + Bazaar Photoshoot with his Daughter

When I watch a biographical drama, I think it's fun to see how the main character ages over the course of his/her entire life. In most dramas, the time jump, if any, only spans two different time periods and usually involves no more than 10 years. So we usually get to see the styling of the character for only two different stages. Since Su Dongpo is a bio-epic, we'll get to see the gradual transformation of the character over a period of 40 years. The actor, Lu Yi, who plays Su Dongpo, was only 31 years old at the time of shooting (he's currently 36 years old), but his character will be 66 years old by the end of this drama.

14-Minute Trailer of Su Dongpo + Personal Rant on a Famous Concubine

When I first watched this trailer, I fell in love with the scene where Su Dongpo dreamt about his first wife, Wang Fu, and his subsequent recitation of the famous "Jiang Cheng Zi" poem which he composed in her memory (previously mentioned in an earlier post here). I just love the instrumental piece that accompanies the poem recitation scene. The atmosphere, music, vibe, and feel of the entire scene is like it ought to be.

TV Series on Famous Chinese Poet/Statesman Su Dongpo to Broadcast + Beautiful Ending Theme Song

If I have to name a TV drama that I waited the longest time for its release,  the "honor" would undoubtedly go to this biographical adaptation of a famous Song Dynasty poet/statesman Su Dongpo (penname) or Su Shi (personal name). The historical series will trace 60 years of Su Shi's life, from a youthful lad traveling to the Song Dynasty's capital to take the civil service examination with his younger brother to his death. Lu Yi (Zhuge Liang in the new Three Kingdoms) will play Su Shi and Ruby Lin will star as his first wife, Wang Fu.

Official Stills and Trailer for Women of the Tang Court

At first, I didn't pay too much attention to this TV series because I was quite disappointed with the casting decision, particularly the Korean American actor, Nathan Lee, who plays Li Longji. I feel he lacks the commanding presence and regal aura necessary for this character. Hopefully, his acting chops have improved enough from his last drama I watched for me to change my initial prejudices against him.

✿ Chinese Drama ✿ The Bounty Hunter

Mandarin title: The Bounty Hunter/Shang Jin Li Ren/赏金猎人
# Episode: 24
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Romance
Producer: Yu Zheng
Release date: May 8, 2012     Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast: Qian Yongchen as An Pinyuan/An Song, Kiton Jiang as Luo Qingxin, Ying'er as Yuhan, Li Yifeng as Sutai, Liu Yuehua as First Madam, Maggie Siu as Second Madam, Xue Jianing as Third Madam, Chen Xiao as Bai Shaoqun, Wei Qianyi as Bai Shaochu

Part II: Specific Scene Speculation for Female Prime Minister (Spoiler Alert)

I hope everyone who read the previous speculation post enjoyed reading the specific details. Have your interest in the drama gone up or down? I've always been the type of person who loves to get spoiled by the plot/ending before I actually watch the drama. This habit doesn't apply to movies (especially mystery or crime thrillers) since I enjoy the process that leads up to the big "revelation" of the crime/mystery. Reading spoilers have always been an exciting thing for me to do for TV series. Sometimes even more interesting than watching the drama itself...which is sorta bad...and sad...As promised, here is Part II of the specific scene speculation.

Part I: Specific Scene Speculation for Female Prime Minister (Spoiler Alert)

Someone on the Baidu Forum nicely pieced together some plot details based on a series of random scenes we see in the released official stills, fuzzy BTS photos, and the MV/trailer. I really think she did a wonderful in her interpretation and I agree with her speculation. The speculation is a little long, so I'll split it into two posts.

If you are still unfamiliar with the different characters in this drama, you can refer back to the brief character bio I previously put together HERE.

More Lu Zhen and Gao Dan + Ending Speculation

I feel the main couple in Female Prime Minister greatly resembles the love relationship between Seo Jang  Geum and Min Jung-ho in the sensationally popular Korean drama Dae Jang Geum.  The ever devoted Prince Gao Dan will tirelessly support Lu Zhen in her political rise to become the first female prime minister He will protect/watch her from afar and give her a helping hand when she falls.