✿ Chinese Drama ✿ The Bounty Hunter

Mandarin title: The Bounty Hunter/Shang Jin Li Ren/赏金猎人
# Episode: 24
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Romance
Producer: Yu Zheng
Release date: May 8, 2012     Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast: Qian Yongchen as An Pinyuan/An Song, Kiton Jiang as Luo Qingxin, Ying'er as Yuhan, Li Yifeng as Sutai, Liu Yuehua as First Madam, Maggie Siu as Second Madam, Xue Jianing as Third Madam, Chen Xiao as Bai Shaoqun, Wei Qianyi as Bai Shaochu
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrlOPZIXi1c

Late Qing Dynasty, a wealthy merchant, Mr. Bai, in a small town of Jiangnan region is murdered and his death becomes the region's most publicized crime. An Pinyuan, a bounty hunter, is assigned to Baisha (White Sand) Town to solve the murder case. Slowly, he discovers that Mr. Bai died because of a secret. The four wives of the Bai family, the Japanese, and bandits all seem to play a part in the case and exhaust much of death is also closely linked to his own father's death. They both lost their lives because of a gold mine map....

Even though I thought crime thrillers and mystery dramas, but somehow, I'm so put off by the male lead's cowboyish outfits. I also watched the really long trailer which pretty much revealed a lot of the mystery already. BIG NO-NO for a mystery drama! I also dislike Ying'er character as well (solely basing it on the long trailer) and the love quadangle between An Pinyuan, Luo Qingxin, Yuhan, and Sutai. All the romantic plotline totally failed to captivate my interest.

Surprisingly, I am interested in the minor characters, particularly Chen Xiao's Bai Shaoqun. He plays a villainous, bestial young man who's obsessed with his father's 3rd concubine (played by Xue Jianning). It'll be interesting to see how he played out this nasty character. I have yet to rate Chen Xiao's acting skills, so I might watch this series for him as a warm-up to Female Prime Minister.

A bald-headed Chen Xiao. He looks quite dashing!
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