Part II: Specific Scene Speculation for Female Prime Minister (Spoiler Alert)

I hope everyone who read the previous speculation post enjoyed reading the specific details. Have your interest in the drama gone up or down? I've always been the type of person who loves to get spoiled by the plot/ending before I actually watch the drama. This habit doesn't apply to movies (especially mystery or crime thrillers) since I enjoy the process that leads up to the big "revelation" of the crime/mystery. Reading spoilers have always been an exciting thing for me to do for TV series. Sometimes even more interesting than watching the drama itself...which is sorta bad...and sad...As promised, here is Part II of the specific scene speculation.

Gao Dan's Fake Death
Supposedly Gao Dan will fake his death to protect himself against Dowager Empress Lou's machinations and wait for a good opportunity to strike back at her. But the question is...when does he fake his death??? Is it before or after Gao Yin's death? I know right before Gao Yin died, he named Gao Dan as his royal successor. I'm sure Dowager Empress Lou, being an ambitious woman and the arch nemesis of Gao Dan, wouldn't want to see him alive and overpower her.  She probably wants to kill off Gao Dan and declare herself supreme ruler of Northern Qi. Is the  Dowager Empress and Lou Qingqiang wearing mourning clothes for Gao Yin's or Gao Dan's funeral?
The Chinese characters on the tablet says "Prince of Changguang - Gao Dan"
I hope the fake death incorporates these two scenes as well. If it does, there's a high chance Gao Dan will survive till the end of the drama.

Empress Dowager Lou's Usurpation of Power
At Dowager Empress Lou's coronation, Lu Zhen shows up with the Royal Jade Seal and probably publicly declares the Dowager Empress' illegitimacy to rule. The Dowager Empress seeing her masterplan ruined by Lu Zhen lashes out at her with a sword. Around this time, Gao Dan arrives in time with his army to save Lu Zhen and they happily reunite in an embrace.
With the Royal Jade Seal in his hand, Gao Dan becomes the legitimate successor to Northern Qi. I think this pretty much signifies the exit/end of the Dowager Empress' role in the drama. She won't be wrecking havoc anymore.

Gao Dan's Coronation
We see Gao Dan dressed in his royal regalia sitting on the Dragon Throne and Lu Zhen leading the officials to pay their respects. So is this the end of their marital/romantic relationship?

Random Scenes
Dead or Asleep?
At first I thought Gao Dan died here and Lu Zhen was just bidding him farewell in her arms. According to rumors, someone who visited the film set revealed that she's just rocking him to sleep. LOL.

Mysterious Baby
I'm really curious about the identity of this baby in Lu Zhen's arms. Is the baby Xiao Guanyin's child or a random baby that Lu Zhen found? The woman next to Lu Zhen is her best friend from the palace, Danniang. I heard someone said that they filmed a scene where Danniang jumped off a cliff with a baby in her arms too. Personally, I hope the baby is Lu Zhen and Gao Dan's son, but that's just wishful thinking. In history, Gao Dan's son, Gao Wei, succeeded him, not Gao Yin's son. Since the writer twisted so much of history already, I wouldn't mind if he twists it a little more and makes Lu Zhen into Gao Wei's birth mother.

Gao Dan and Lu Zhen in a Small Bamboo Hut
The atmosphere of this scene is so husband-y and wife-y (if that makes any sense)!  Gao Dan is dressed rather informally. Is he in his PJs? Did Gao Dan get injured or something? So his injury requires him to dress comfortably in his PJs? Or is Lu Zhen and Gao Dan just privately enjoying marital bliss outside the palace?
EDIT: I put too much hope into this scene. It's actually an early scene in the drama where Gao Dan and Lu Zhen first got to know each other. No marital bliss is happening here... =(

Lu Zhen's Intimate Gesture
Xiao Guanyin appears rather uncomfortable and awkward when she sees Lu Zhen and Gao Dan's intimate body language.

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