Character Guide to Nirvana in Fire 2: Wind Blows in Changlin

Like Nirvana in Fire I, Nirvana in Fire 2: Winds Blow in Changlin has a plethora of characters that are not strictly good or evil. In terms of story execution, the sequel can be split into three phases, each driven by one of the three leading male characters. The central figure of the first phase is Huang Xiaoming's Xiao Xiaozhang whose intelligence and political shrewdness are well exhibited from Episode 1 to 25. The second phase is led by Liu Haorang's Xiao Pingjing. Although Xiao Pingjing also figures prominently in the first phase, his moment to shine is actually from Episode 28 onward. The focal character of the last phase is undoubtedly the antihero, Wu Haochen's Xiao Yuanqi. His slow progression into darkness and moral conflict bring the story into a new climate.

This drama is officially being subtitled by DramaFever and Viki. You should go check out the series if you want to watch something that is not cheesy and has substance.

Xiao Pingjing 萧平旌 - Second Young Master of Changlin Manor → Prince of Changlin
The younger (and only biological son) of Xiao Tingsheng, who is the first Prince of Changlin and Supreme Commander of the powerful Changlin Army. Although his mother died before his adulthood, Pingjing grew up in the loving care of his older brother and father. He idolizes his older brother and is willing to give up his own dreams to fulfill his brother's dreams. He is trained at Lang Ya Pavilion under the apprenticeship of Lin Ge. A highly skilled martial artist, he aims to live a carefree life without restraints and holds no interest in politics or power.

Xiao Pingzhang 萧平章 - Vice General of Changlin Army, Young Master of Changlin Manor
The adopted son of the Prince of Changlin. His biological father was the oldest of the three boys handpicked by Mei Changshu and trained in the sword fight in the original Nirvana in Fire. He embodies the perfect traits of a filial son, loving and devoted husband, and a doting older brother. Despite not being full-blooded brothers, Xiao Pingzhang and Xiao Pingjing's bond is stronger than those of true blood brothers.

Xiao Yuanqi 萧元启 - Marquis of Laiyang → Prince of Laiyang
The only son of the deceased Prince of Laiyang, who was the younger son of Prince Jing from Nirvana in Fire and later Emperor of Liang. His father was ultimately sentenced to death for his crimes and Xiao Yuanqi grew up in the shadows of his father's tainted reputation and the benevolence of his uncles, Emperor of Liang and Prince of Changlin. Xiao Yuanqi eventually transforms from a complacent nobleman into an ambitious and ruthless man.

Xiao Tingsheng - Prince of Changlin, General of Changlin Army, Prince Regent
Posthumous son of the former Crown Prince Xiao Jingyu and the adoptive son of Xiao Jingyan and disciple of Mei Changsu. He feels great moral debt for the endings of his two blood brothers, Yuan Lu and Lin Shen. Xiao Tingsheng adopted Yuan Lu's biological son, Xiao Pingzhang and chooses his adopted son as his successor over his own son. Despite commanding a powerful army capable of throwing a coup d'etat, Tingsheng holds an unbreakable loyalty to his cousin Emperor of Liang as they grew up together and share a close brotherly bond.

Lin Xi 林奚 - Doctor of Ji Feng Hall
A talented, but aloof doctor of Ji Feng Hall. She is the daughter of Lin Shen, the blood brother and comrade of Xiao Tingsheng, Prince of Changlin. At her father's deathbed, the Prince of Changlin promised to care for Lin Xin and make her the future wife of his younger son, Xiao Pingjing. Lin Xi's mother, however, does not agree to the betroth and runs away. Lin Xi's mother does not want her daughter to suffer her fate of being a soldier's widow. She wishes for her daughter to find a man who can devote himself entirely to her and not have her daughter tworry that the husband may not come back one day. 

Meng Qianxue 蒙浅雪 - Young Mistress of Changlin Manor
Great grand-niece of Meng Zhi in Nirvana in Fire and the beloved childhood sweetheart and wife of Xiao Pingzhang. Like her great granduncle, she is a skilled martial artist and does not obsessed the best brains but her straightforwardness is endearing to her husband.

Xun Feizhan 荀飞盏 - Supreme Commander of Imperial Guard
Nephew of Xun Baishui and Empress Xun and the last disciple of Meng Zhi. Loyal and upright, he has a strong moral code and sees through all the various machination at court. Although his uncle is a political enemy of the Changlin Manor, Xun Feizhan shares a close friendship with the members of the Changlin Manor. He also secretly loves his martial art sister, Meng Qianxue. 

Xun Baishui 荀白水 - Grand Secretary of the Cabinet
Older brother of Empress Xun and uncle to the Xiao Yuanshi. He is loyal to the Emperor of Liang and fears the growing military power of the Changlin Manor that may threaten his nephew's rule as the Emperor of Liang.  His plots to undermine the influence of the Changlin Army. 

Xiao Yuanshi 萧元时 - Crown Prince → Emperor
Eldest son of Emperor by Empress Xun. Also a grandson of Xiao Jingyan and first cousin to Xiao Yuanqi. He idolizes his uncle Xiao Tingsheng, and adores his cousin, Xiao Pingjing, despite his own mother's reservation.

Empress Xun 旬皇后 - Mother of Xiao Yuanshi 
She distrusts the Prince of Changlin with a passion and is greatly annoyed by her husband's fondness for the members of the Changlin Manor. She constantly warns her son to keep his distance from the Prince of Changlin who can usurp his power at anytime.

Pu Yangying 濮阳缨  - Master of Gantian Courtyard
His clan and people were wiped out by a deadly plague in which blames the Liang Dynasty for not lending a helping hand. He eventually earned the trust of the Empress Xun as her religious confidant and plots to bring the downfall of the Liang Kingdom. 

Lin Jiu  蔺九- Young Master of Langya Pavilion
Disciple and successor to Lin Chen. Despite his cold exterior, Lin Jiu tries to lend a helping hand to Xiao Pingjing during the low points of his life 

Lin Chen 蔺晨  - Master of Langya Pavilion 
He was Mei Changsu's confidant and savior in Nirvana in Fire. As a elderly man, he has reached the level of a sage and has an enlightened view of life. He advises Xiao Pingjing not to be too caught up in all the trials and tribulations of life. 

Emperor of Liang Kingdom
Father to Xiao Yuanshi and son of Xiao Jingyan by Empress Liu. He was only small child at the end of the Nirvana in Fire. 

Yue Yinchuan 岳银川- General of Huaizuo Camp of Qianzhou, Dongjing
Military brilliant, Yue Yinchuan is one of the few people who can detect the machination of Xiao Yuanqi. He plays pivotal role in the downfall of Xiao Yuanqi and becomes the de facto successor to Changlin Army's loyalty. 

Xun Anru 旬安如 - Princess Consort of Laiyang
Niece to Xun Baishui and Empress Xun, and first cousin to Xiao Yuanshi. Raised as a traditional noblewoman who should be loyal and submissive to her husband, Xun Anru ends up choosing to follow her moral compass. 

Master Li of the Jifeng Hall 济风堂老堂主 - Lin Xi's master
He offers Lin Xi and her mother shelter when Li Xi's mother decides to run away from the marriage agreement with the Prince of Changlin. Under his tutelage, Lin Xi excels in medicine and becomes unparalleled her quest for medical research. 

Duan Tongzhou 段桐舟- Pu Yangying's subordiante 
He ranks fourth place on the Top Martial Artist List of the Lang Ya Pavillion. He works for Pu Yangying to destablize the Liang Kingdom. 

Marquis of Mozi (Donghai Kingdom) 东海墨淄侯 - Future Emperor of Donghai
Fourth older brother of Consort Shu, and older cousin of Princess Dowager of Laiyang. He ranks first place on the Top Martial Artist List of the Lang Ya Pavillion and teaches Xiao Yuanqi martial arts. His growing ambition causes chaos in his own kingdom and he eventually emerged as the new Emperor of Donghai Kingdom. 

Princess Dowager of Laiyang 莱阳太夫人  - Mother of Xiao Yuanqi
She was originally  a princess of a Commandery (Donghai) and married into the Liang Dynasty's royal household as the wife of Prince of Laiyang. Her death will spark the transformation of Xiao Yuanqi. Due to her husband's untimely death, she harbors unrepentant hatred for the Prince of Changlin and the Emperor. 

Tuoba Yu 拓跋宇 - Third son of Prince of Hanhai (Northern Yan)
He ranks fifth place on the Top Martial Artist List administered by the Lang Ya Pavilion. As a body guard of the Prince of Hui, he accompanies his cousin to the Liang Kingdom to secure a peace treaty. 

Chong Hua 重华 - Princess of a Commandery (Northern Yan)
Cousin to the Prince of Hui. She accompanies her cousin to the Liang Kingdom to secure a marriage alliance with the royal Xiao family. 

Prince of Hui (Northern Yan)北燕惠王 - Peace Ambassador to the Liang Dynasty
He leads the pro-peace fraction in the Northern Yan and hopes to unify his kingdom with a peace treaty with the Liang Kingdom.

Tan Heng 谭恒 - Loyal sidekick of Yue Yinchuan
He saves Pei'er on the roadside and helps his superior to fight the machination of Xiao Yuanqi. 

Di Ming 狄明- General of Eastern Camp
He lost his entire family in a deadly plague and sees not much interest in life except for love for his country. Despite winning many battles against Donghai, he put his faith in the wrong hands and commits to Xiao Yuanqi to overthrow Xiao Yuanshi, hoping to give his country a better future. 

Madme Qi - Subordiante of Marquis of Mozi 
Highly skilled martial artist who is sent by the Marquis of Mozi to assist Xiao Yuanqi in his rise to power.

Pei'er - Handmaiden to Xun Anru
She accidentally discovers Xiao Yuanqi's machination and lives to warn others about it. 

Min'er - Handmaiden to Xun Anru
She and Pei'er grew up with Xun Anru and become her trusted maid servants. She starts to question the loyalty of Xiao Yuanqi when Pei'er disappears.

Tan Lingshuo 覃凌硕 - Prince of Kang (Yu), General of Huangshu Army
Commanding general of the Da Yu Kingdom. He leads the pro-war fraction in his state and aggressively seek to invade the Liang Kingdom during the mourning period for  the Liang Emperor.

Song Fu  宋浮- Grand Secretariat 
Song Fu is an ally of Xun Baishui. He sees the power of the Changlin Army as a threat to the stability of his country.

Magistrate Zhang of Datong - Subordinate of Su Fu
He only wants to please his superior and ended up following orders that causing the supply ships to northern camps to sink.

Xiao Ce 萧策 - Son of Xiao Pingzhang and Meng Qianxue
He was born after his father's death. 

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