Deleted Scenes from Nirvana in Fire 2

I heard from unofficial sources that the Daylight Entertainment, specifically Director Kong Sheng, was fuming mad at iQiyi, the web-streaming network that invested in Nirvana in Fire 2, for haphazardly re-editing the later episodes. Many Chinese netizens blamed the production company for the lack of good editing in later episodes, especially Episode 41 and 42.  A member of the Nirvana in Fire 2 production team privately revealed in a chat group for fans that iQiyi completely re-edited what the two directors had originally cut for the drama. Director Kong Sheng's daughter also revealed on Sina weibo that Daylight Entertainment had originally cut 68 episodes but iQiyi trimmed it down to 50 episodes. And supposedly a 68-episode version will be released for oversea broadcast in Japan and Korea. I checked out the first four episodes currently released in South Korea and confirmed that each episode is approximately 45 minutes, which is the same length as the Chinese episodes. If what Director Kong's daughter said is true, I hope we can see all the cut scenes in the Korean version.

I can already tell from watching the behind-the-scene footages that many scenes were actually shortened in the final cut. For instance, when Xiao Pingjing emotionally breaks down in front of Lin Xi after his father's death, I could hear Xiao Pingjing say "How much I earnestly I wish this is just a nightmare" during filming. But this last line never was included in the Episode 37.


Here are a few images I managed to find from some cut scenes.

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