First impressions of Vic Zhou's Beauties in the Closet or Gui Zhong Mei Ren

The Chinese online video streaming platform YouKu recently released the first seven episodes of Beauties in the Closet or Gui Zhong Mei Ren starring Vic Zhou, Hu Bingqing and Chen Yao. This drama is slated to be a weekly web drama with  a seven-episode released every Thursday for VIP members. Beauties in the Closet is a historical fusion drama that doesn't take traditional Chinese code of conduct and court etiquette very seriously. 

I recently finished watching Nirvana in Fire 2, which paid minute details to the historical context and court etiquette. While Nirvana in Fire 2 had a professional master of etiquette to be onset to ensure that the actors had proper body language to show the social hierarchy and relationships of that era, I felt the actors in Beauties in the Closet just adorned some pretty costumes and acted like they live in a democratic society.

Beauties in the Closet definitely tested my patience in terms of lacking the historical feel and social etiquette that that period dramas should have. And it doesn't help that the dialogue is also very cheesy. In spite of the many cringe-worthy scenes, I am gradually warming up to the main pairing of the series, the Tang Dynasty Emperor Li Han and his weasel spirit concubine, Huang Qingfeng.

Vic Zhou plays the Tang Dynasty Emperor Wen Zong, personal name Li Han. Although this drama is destined to have multiple love triangles, Li Han's true pairing is Hu Bingqing's weasel spirit character, Huang Qingfeng, not her more beautiful best friend the nine-tailed fox spirit, Hu Feiluan. As a low-born and unattractive weasel spirit, Huang Qingfeng tries to elevate her status by stealing the magical fruit of the nine-tailed fox clan to beautify herself. Unfortunately, she ate sour half of the magical fruit, which means she is destined to suffer from unrequited love and taste the only the sourness of love. In contrast, Hu Feiluan consumed the sweet half of the fruit and she is gifted with the ability to attract the emperor without much effort. But Hu Feiluan only has eyes for the second male character, Li Yuxi, and holds no interest toward the emperor.  It will be interesting to see how Li Han breaks away from the spell of the magical fruit on his own free will and break the spell of the magical fruit. By Episode 6, Li Han and Huang Qingfeng has already consummated and established their relationship. After throwing my penchant for historical details out the window,  I really enjoy watching Li Han doting on Huang Qingfeng. But Huang Qingfeng is constantly defeated and hurt by Li Han's involuntary attraction toward Hu Feiluan and  her conflict between her mission to assassinate him and her feelings. 

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