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Chen Xiao & Zhao Liying join their co-stars in the promotional tour of The Palace

The August 13th release date of The Palace movie is fast approaching and the cast is starting to ramp on the promotion. Even though Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying are not the OTP in this movie, I can't help but enjoy their off screen presence in interviews and public events. They are such good eye candies!

Pictorial Update for Battle of Changsha

Don't have much to update for this series. Post-production has just completed and the production company submitted the finished product for SARFT to review. Once SARFT approves the drama and a permit is given, we will probably hear more about the release date.

Official Character Stills Released for The Virtuous Empress of Han

Hua Ce, the media production company known to make folklore/fantasy/wuxia and popularized historical dramas is currently in the mist of shooting their big project chronicling the life of the Han Dynasty Empress Wei Zifu. Wang Luodan is cast as the titular role and Raymond Lam plays the ambitiously ruthless Emperor Han Wudi (personal name Liu Che). If you don't have a clue about Wei Zifu, you may have heard of her famous family members. One of the most famous Chinese generals, Wei Qing, was her younger half-brother. The young and flamboyant General Huo Qubing was her nephew. The historical character that Chen Xiao plays in Yu Zheng's upcoming drama Yun Zhong Ge, Liu Bingyi or Emperor Han Xuandi, was her great-grandson. But her most famous connection is perhaps her atrociously despot of a husband who went berserk in old age over a voodoo doll and started a series of witchcraft persecutions that resulted in the death of  roughly 10,000 people. This infamous event was known as 巫术…

What I am currently watching...a Korean Crime-Thriller

Chinese dramaland has been quite boring lately after the resplendent splash Legend of Lu Zhen made on the mainland China rating radar. Therefore, I ventured into another territory - Korean dramaland. After reading so many rave reviews on different blogs and doing a little research myself, I decided to try out the cable-produced JTBC cable-produced crime thriller, Cruel City (Heartless City), starring Jung Kyung-ho.
I am now totally drawn to Cruel City, particularly to the devilishly suave undercover cop disguising as gang boss, Jung Shi-hyun or also known as Doctor's Son in the drug ring. Jung Kyung-ho may not be the drop-dead-gorgeous Korean actor at first sight, but he definitely has heart-throbbing acting skills! As an actor, he has always given me this boyish vibe. I previously watched him played the tormented Prince Hodong in Ja Myung Go and caught glimpses of his performance as as a spoiled brat in Sorry, I Love You. But Jung Kyung-ho's  Cruel City brings his acting tale…