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Quick Rant of In Love with Power (Special Emphasis on Episode 27)

If anyone has been reading the comments I've been posting lately, you are probably aware of my great disappointment and utter frustration in the development of the much anticipated coupledom Hailanzhu and Hong Taiji. Though I'm quite upset over their poor story development, or to be more correctly, "lack" of story development, I was not too surprised at the poor writing of this drama series. To clarify some confusion, the writer of this drama series is not the infamous Yu Zheng, but scriptwriter from a Hong Kong named Shen Zhi Ning 沈芷凝. I heard she was also a student of the famous Taiwanese writer Qiong Yao. So don't blame Yu Zheng for the poor writing in this series. He's just a producer. I blame him for hiring her.

✿ Chinese Drama ✿ In Love with Power

Title: In Love with Power / Beauties without Tears/ 山河恋 /美人无泪
# Episode: 39
Genre: Historical Melodrama, Court Intrigue
Broadcasting Company: Jiangsu TV
Cast: Yuan Shan Shan as Dayu'er, Hawick Lau as Hong Taiji, Han Dong as Prince Dorgon, Zhang Meng as Hailanzhu, Ada Choi as Zhe Zhe
Release Date: December 17, 2012

First Batch of official stills from Battle of Changsha

OMG! I just literally squealed in excitement after looking at these stills. Battle of Changsha is looking promising! Wallace Huo still manages to retain his dashing handsomeness despite his new war-torn look in this drama series.

End Theme Song of In Love with Power

The official air date is quickly approaching! Hence, we have more and more materials of INWP being released. Check out the end theme song titled "Promise." Once again, Yuan Shan Shan is the singer.

9 More Days Till Release of In Love with Power

ILWP fans, let's count down till the official air date! It was originally designated for December 16th, but now I think it's been postponed for another day, December 17th.  One day delay I can take. Just don't make an official announcement and then delay it for a month or something. Anyway, more photos galore below!

Female Prime Minister to be released in early January

OMG...Good news are just rolling in this month! And just in time for Christmas too. We just got another confirmation about the official release of Female Prime Minister in early January. I'm getting super excited for January now!