9 More Days Till Release of In Love with Power

ILWP fans, let's count down till the official air date! It was originally designated for December 16th, but now I think it's been postponed for another day, December 17th.  One day delay I can take. Just don't make an official announcement and then delay it for a month or something. Anyway, more photos galore below!

The photo posted above makes Hawick Lau looks so tall! He defintiely doesn't look imposing standing next to Ying'er in Sealed with a Kiss. I'm glad Zhang Meng's height mataches Hawick Lau's stature to make them look quite lovely together onscreen.
The new Emperor Shunzi looks quite promising!! I'm actually looking forward to his story arc and the infatuating love he has for Consort Dongè.

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