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The love triangle between Qiao Feng, A'zhu, and A'zi

Describing the complicated relationship between Qiao Feng, A'zhu, and A'zi can get rather convoluted. Qiao Feng technically does not have a semblance of romantic feeling for his so-called "little sister-in-law," A'zi. While Qiao Feng and A'zhu share mutual love and understanding for each other, A'zi's romantic obsession for Qiao Feng is bordering psychotic and possessive in nature. A'zhi's love for Qiao Feng stems largely from Qiao Feng's unquestioned love for her sister. She fell in love with someone's love story and wished be the receiver of that profound love.

Huace Film Group releases Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils with English Subtitles

The production company of Demi-Gods and Semi-Deviils is making a huge effort to reach out to the English audience. This is actually the first time I have seen a Chinese TV production taking such measure to translate and subtitle their own TV series. For those who could not watch this series due to the Chinese language barrier, you can now rest assure that official English translation is underway. The quality of the translation is  not perfect, but you can definitely understand the gist of the dialogue.

Initial Impression on 2013 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils and download subtheme song "Lovesick"

My decision to religiously follow 2013 Semi-Devil and Demi-Gods during its broadcast sprung entirely from my love for the subtheme song "Lovesick," whose segments were often inserted in the Hunan TV teaser trailers. I just grew madly obsessed with the song because the melody was reminiscent of traditional wuxia music. The lyrics of the song also aptly describes the tragic love between the Beggar Sect Leader, Qiao Feng, and the Murong clan's maidservant, A'zhu. Despite the intense negative reaction toward this remake, I found this adaptation rather watchable, particularly the Qiao Feng's story arc.