If anyone is curious about where I get my information about dramas or entertainment news in general, I have a list of places I often visit.

1. Sina Weibo 新浪微博
Chinese microblogging website created by Sina Corporation. It's roughly an hybrid of Facebook and Twitter. Many Chinese celebrities and people who work in the entertainment industry have personal accounts and frequently post short message about life/work. Sina Weibo is perhaps the best place where I can get the fastest and most updated information.

2. Baidu Forum 百度贴吧
Baidu is almost the Chiniese equivalent of Google. It's the most popular search engine in China. Unlike Google, Baidu also created a forum option for active discussion on various topics. Most TV dramas/movies have their own individual forum on Baidu.

3.  Forum
Fun place to have an active discussion.

4. Soompi Forum
Get my occasional dose of news about Korean dramas.

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