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Yu Zheng releases colorful stills of Yun Zhong Ge

Even though the newly released official stills of Yun Zhong Ge are highly photoshopped, I can't help but admire the surreal aesthetics they project. Angelababy is quite fitting in the role of the female protagonist, Yun Ge, at least in the look department. Yang Rong is also absolutely gorgeous as the vengeful but pitiful Huo Chengjun. Lu Yi is also aging very well and does not look too out of place pairing up with Angelababy. I think the character I am looking forward to watch is the antagonist, Liu Bingyi, also known as Chen Xiao. LOL.

New Xiaolongnü announced for Yu Zheng's adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes

If anyone is following the Chinese TV entertainment on weibo, it's quite an uproar right now. Endless speculation has surfaced in the past few months about who will be chosen for the coveted role of Xiaolongnü in Yu Zheng's latest adaptation of Louis Cha's classic story Return of the Condor Heroes. Rumors went from Angelababy to Zhao Liying. Well...the dust has finally settled yesterday and mystery has been revealed to be Taiwanese actress, Michelle Chen. Her most famous work to date is the movie titled You are the Apple of My Eye, successfully playing the dream girl of every young boy.

Current favorite onscreen couple: The Crown Prince and Miss Big Teakettle in Legend of Mermaid

This post may be a little premature because I did not watch much of the earlier episodes of Legend of Mermaid but jumped to the TV episode 17 on my first view. After watching some pivotal episodes dedicated to the relationship of two secondary characters, I cannot contain my new excitement and fondness for them and need an outlet to release all the steam building up inside me. I am now completely enthralled by the comedic dynamic between the secondary couple portrayed by Ding Zijun 丁子峻 and Cao Xinyue 曹馨月. I love them a lot because it has been awhile since an onscreen couple could make me laugh till my stomach started to hurt.

The Palace Official MV - "I Love You Too Much"

The visual quality of The Palace is certainly exceeding my expectations. I never give this drama much thought until the first official trailer was released. Despite being an ardent supporter of Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying onscreen pairing, I am loving innocence depicted between Chen Xiao and Zhou Dongyu. If you are looking forward to this movie, you can check out the official MV. I am not too fond of the singing, but the instrumental is quite nice. I wish the song has a more traditional and melancholic feel. Unfortunately, the singing is too soft and muted to give the moving visuals that essential "umph."