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Potential Kiss Scene from SWAK Miniseries Script Leaked

Even though I think this new scriptwriter really sucks in creativity and uses the most hackneyed plot devices to ever hit Asian television, I must still give her credit for writing plenty of kiss and bed scenes for Mo Shaoqian/Tong Xue fans. She just posted a intimate scene from the miniseries script on her Sina microblog. I'm not sure if this scene ever got filmed or if the director just deleted it from the final product or it'll just get shown later. The scriptwriter is not too certain herself. She just said this scene should have been at the end of Episode 5 after Mo Shaoqian left that little drinking party. I'm just praying the director did shoot this scene and we'll get to see it in Episode 6. But don't have too high hope. According to another leaked scene schedule I posted previously, it appears this scene has been changed.

BTS of SWAK Miniseries: Liu Kenan's "Impassioned Spoilers"

The actor for Zhao Gaoxing, Liu Kenan, just did a little video recap of the released episodes and inserted a few spoilers too. Apparently, it seems like Tong Xue and Mo Shaoqian got married??! There is one short scene where Tong Xue refers herself as "I'm his wife." Another scenario is Tong Xue pretends to be Mo Shaoqian's wife so the doctor will disclose his Mo Shaoqian's health condition to her?

Recap: SWAK Miniseries Ep.1 Missed Opportunity

Episode1 unveils with Mo Shaoqian at a park and his assistant, Wenhao comes to report to him that Tong Xue is back. Surprisingly, Shaoqian doesn’t show any interest to see her again. In the car, Wenhao and Shaoqian discuss some business matters. It seems Shaoqian is still “Director Mo” or “CEO Mo.” He has definitely managed to keep his wealth and went off to do his own business after his fallout with the powerful Mu family.

Shaoqian then starts to cough uncontrollably and takes his medication. Wenhao watches with worry. As they are about to leave, Shaoqian sees Tong Xue walking across them and still refuses to seek contact with her.

BTS of SWAK Miniseries: The Comedy

Hi all again! Sorry I haven't been very active lately since I'm swamped with work this week and can only find time to drop a few comments on this blog. Hopefully my schedule can free up a bit more this weekend and I can do recaps again for the miniseries. In the meantime, you can enjoy this newly release BTS video while we wait for Episode 5 to come out next week. There are some already seen footage, but we do get to see a longer clip of in the shooting process for the "bed scene."

Official Stills of Beauties Without Tears

The infamous producer/scriptwriter, Yu Zheng, just released some beautiful photos from this series. I'm loving the rich array of colors, sets, and costumes. For serious no-nonsense historical dramas, I tend to like more subtle and darker shades of coloring with deep details of embroidery in the costumes. But since this drama is supposed to be a fusion of history and mostly fiction, I don't mind the wild color combination. In my opinion, the profusive use of fur somehow works well to give an exotically ethnic feel to the drama.

Quick Rant: SWAK Miniseries Sequel Episode 1-3

I've been refraining to judge the miniseries until more episodes get released. But after Episode 3, I couldn't resist the urge to voice some of my thoughts. Many who have been reading my comments are probably aware of how I feel about the overall plot of the miniseries, which is a total hodgepodge of the most overused plot devices in Asian idol dramas. In other words, I'm feeling really apprehensive about the direction of the miniseries. I just really hate that the new writers made the once powerful, manipulative Mo Shaoqian into a terminally ill patient drowning in his own little depressingly hopeless world. How could they even have the heart to torture poor Mo Shaoqian after everything he went through?! ARGH...

Well...At least we have one redeeming quality about this miniseries: the kisses.

✿ Chinese Drama ✿ Sealed with a Kiss Miniseries Sequel

Title:Sealed with a Kiss Miniseries Sequel / Qian Shan Mu Xue / 千山暮雪续集
# Episode: 7 (~10 minute each)
Release Date: 2/14/2012
Broadcasting Company: Sohu TV
Cast: Hawick Lau as Mo Shaoqian, Ying'er as Tong Xue, Li Zhinan as Song Yi, Zheng Zhenglong as Wen Hao, Wen Mengyang as Liu Yueying, Liu Kenan as Zhao Gaoxiang, Angelina Ma Wei as Lisa

SWAK Miniseries Sequel Released! And Press Conference

I highly encourage you all to watch this miniseries on the SOHU OFFICIAL SITE HERE to show support to the hard working cast and crew who put a lot of effort in making this production possible. You can also let it run in the background while you do other things as well. I think the success of this miniseries will be largely based on the number of "hits" or "views" Sohu gets for this production. However, if you can't access Sohu, then go ahead and watch on YouTube below.

Episode 3: Test

In Love with Power Relationship Diagram, the Real History, and Past TV Adaptations

After reading the scriptwriter's microblog and some spoilers, I managed to put together the above relationship diagram for the upcoming Chinese drama, In Love with Power (Beauties without Tears). Set in late Ming Dynasty/early Qing Dynasty, the story centers on the Qing's founding emperor and his wives/concubines. My initial reaction to the complicated web of relationships is "OMG! What the heck is up with all the one-side love relationships?!" LOL. The only mutual love relationship I know for certain is between Hailanzhu and her first love, Zhuolin. Maybe later, Hong Taiji's infatuation with Hailanzhu will grow into mutual love, and perhaps Prince Dorgon will finally get his love reciprocated by Dayu'er?

Hawick Lau & Ying'er to collaborate again in new fantasy series

Attention to all who like the Hawick Lau and Ying'er pairing! They are about to shoot a new series called Painted Skin: To Love Genuinely without Regrets. This drama is a spin-off of the upcoming Painted Skin 2 the movie. Ying'er will play a kind and beautiful princess who gets her heart/body stolen by a malicious fox demon played by Bai Bing (from War of Desires). Hawick Lau's character is a Han Dynasty general whom the princess loves. Qiao Zhenyu and Mao Zijun will join the cast playing some characters that have not been announced yet. This series is actually produced by Ruby Lin's Studio. In other words, Ruby is their boss!

BTS of SWAK Miniseries: Li Zhinan and others

Sorry Mo Shaoqian fans! Absolutely no shots of Hawick Lau in this video. It's mostly Ying'er and Li Zhinan, the actor who played Xiao Shan in the original drama. However, Li Zhinan is not Xiao Shan anymore. He will be playing Tong Xue's new love interest, Song Yi. You also can get to see a few short shots of the Zhao Gaoxing and new Liu Yueying.

Brief Character Intro of Beauties Without Tears

If I have to name a drama that I really want to see now is probably Yu Zheng's Beauties Without Tears. I know this fact even shocks me. Despite my reservation about his personal character and plagiarist habits, Yu Zheng once again manages to put together a cast I like in befitting roles - Zhang Meng, Ada Choi, Han Dong, and Hawick Lau. The one actress I have qualms about is Yuan Shanshan as the politically shrewd Dayu'er (future Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang). And I heard she's the #1 main female lead. NOOO~! Okay, I'll skip over her parts and watch Zhang Meng's gorgeous Hailanzhu and focus on the beautiful costumes.

Trivia: this is the drama that caused Mo Shaoqian to go BALD in Sealed with a Kiss mini-movie!

"I'll kill you, I'll throttle you, I'll kiss you" Recap

I've been a little bored with the recent dramas lately, so I went back to rewatch some episodes from SWAK and decided to do a little recap of some "intense" scenes. Our lovely but angsty main couple certainly falls under the "I'll kill you, I'll throttle you, and I'll kiss you" category. One moment, they're are at each other's throat, and the next moment, they can start kissing. In Thai Lakorn term, it's a slap-kiss drama. LOL. Anyway, SWAK definitely has quite a few kissing scenes, but most of the kisses are quite chaste, nothing too passionate. I think Wallace Chung's Too Late To Say I Love have more kissing scenes and passionate ones too. Out of all the kisses Mo Shaoqian and Tong Xue shared, my favorite is probably the last kiss initiated by Tong Xue. It's rare that we see this shy girl returns the favor back to Mo Shaoqian. Oh, on a side note, I realize that throughout the drama, Mo Shaoqian and Tong Xue never hugged each ot…

BTS of SWAK Miniseries: Hawick Lau

OH MY GOSH! The captions in this BTS are hilarious!! I had a good laugh watching this video. I cracked up really hard when Hawick was molesting the bunny stuffed animal. LOL. I hope you all will enjoy this one as much as the last one.

SWAK cast "traveled back in time" to Ru Yi

I always knew the production company (Xing Sheng Di Movie & Television Culture Co.) who produced SWAK was also responsible for Ru Yi. But I definitely did not expect them to reunite many of SWAK cast members back to shoot Ru Yi. LOL. There are just too many familiar faces! I counted 10 cast members so far. Luckily, this time the production company has more money to spend on the costumes because the main leads have quite a few good looking outfits. Unfortunately, the story/writing of Ru Yi doesn't captivate me as much as SWAK. I thought it would be fun to list out all the actors/actresses who returned to shoot Ru Yi. Hawick Lau's next Qing Dynasty project called Night of Spring, also based on a novel by Fei Wo Si Cun, is produced by this company again. So expect some veteran cast members to return for that drama as well!

Hawick Lau: Tan Mingkai vs. Mo Shaoqian