SWAK Miniseries Sequel Released! And Press Conference

I highly encourage you all to watch this miniseries on the SOHU OFFICIAL SITE HERE to show support to the hard working cast and crew who put a lot of effort in making this production possible. You can also let it run in the background while you do other things as well. I think the success of this miniseries will be largely based on the number of "hits" or "views" Sohu gets for this production. However, if you can't access Sohu, then go ahead and watch on YouTube below.

Episode 3: Test

Episode 2: Reunion

Episode 1: Missed Opportunity

I just watched the press conference live on Sohu TV. The director officially announced that they cut the entire 70 (I also heard 90) minute long miniseries into 7 episodes, and they're planning to TORTURE us with only 2 episodes per week!! The official channel is no longer calling it a "mini-movie," but now refer  to it as a "miniseries." Each episode will get released on Sohu TV online every Tuesday and Wednesday at 12pm Beijing time. It will take about a month to finish the whole darn thing. x_X

I want to scream "UGH!!!!!!" when I heard about the broadcast schedule.

Here's the official website to watch the miniseries: http://tv.sohu.com/s2012/qsmxwdy/

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