Potential Kiss Scene from SWAK Miniseries Script Leaked

Even though I think this new scriptwriter really sucks in creativity and uses the most hackneyed plot devices to ever hit Asian television, I must still give her credit for writing plenty of kiss and bed scenes for Mo Shaoqian/Tong Xue fans. She just posted a intimate scene from the miniseries script on her Sina microblog. I'm not sure if this scene ever got filmed or if the director just deleted it from the final product or it'll just get shown later. The scriptwriter is not too certain herself. She just said this scene should have been at the end of Episode 5 after Mo Shaoqian left that little drinking party. I'm just praying the director did shoot this scene and we'll get to see it in Episode 6. But don't have too high hope. According to another leaked scene schedule I posted previously, it appears this scene has been changed.


Lisa: Okay, I'll drive.
Mo Shaoqian: You....go to your house.

Mo Shaoqian pulled his arm out of Lisa's grasp and leave the scene alone with a disppointed Lisa.

Scene 14:
Time: Night, indoor
Place: Tong Xue's bedroom/living room
Characters: Tong Xue, Mo Shaoqian
In the bedroom, Tong Xue rolls around in bed unable to sleep. The doorbell suddenly rings. Tong Xue gets up to go outside.

Scene 15:
Time: Night, indoor
Place: Tong Xue's living room
Characters: Tong Xue, Mo Shaoqian
Tong Xue sees a drunken Mo Shaoqian from the door viewer and rushes to open the door. Door opens, and a drunken Shaoqian falls on Tong Xue and she lands on the ground.

Tong Xue: (struggles to get up) Shaoqian! You're drunk!
Mo Shaoqian: (on top of Tong Xue and putting his weight on her) I'm definitely not! Tong Xue, I...really...really...miss you....
Before Tong Xue can even react, Mo Shaoqian shuts her mouth with a kiss.

Scriptwriter's note: Director! Another happy bed scene! I hope to see the naked back of Mo Shaoqian!

The last comment just really makes me...ROFL....LOL...ROFL...

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