"I'll kill you, I'll throttle you, I'll kiss you" Recap

I've been a little bored with the recent dramas lately, so I went back to rewatch some episodes from SWAK and decided to do a little recap of some "intense" scenes. Our lovely but angsty main couple certainly falls under the "I'll kill you, I'll throttle you, and I'll kiss you" category. One moment, they're are at each other's throat, and the next moment, they can start kissing. In Thai Lakorn term, it's a slap-kiss drama. LOL. Anyway, SWAK definitely has quite a few kissing scenes, but most of the kisses are quite chaste, nothing too passionate. I think Wallace Chung's Too Late To Say I Love have more kissing scenes and passionate ones too. Out of all the kisses Mo Shaoqian and Tong Xue shared, my favorite is probably the last kiss initiated by Tong Xue. It's rare that we see this shy girl returns the favor back to Mo Shaoqian. Oh, on a side note, I realize that throughout the drama, Mo Shaoqian and Tong Xue never hugged each other before!

"I'll throttle you" Moments (Note: episode # based on DVD version)
Episode 1: "How dare you call out my name!"

Episode 17: "I'll kill you"

Episode 21: "You killed my baby"

Episode 23: "You took everything away from me, yet you ridicule me"

"I'll kiss you" Moments
Episode 1: "Why are you wearing my shirt?"

Episode 1: Let me teach you how to kiss

Episode 1: "I'm thinking about another man while you kiss me" type of kiss

Episode 4: Shut-You-Up Kiss

Episode 5: Sycophantic Ear Kiss

Episode 8: "I won't ever let you go"

Episode 11: Kiss of Anger<--- I know this title sounds lame, LOL. This kiss was too fast, so I couldn't get a good screen capture. Those who have seen the drama, you get the point.

Episode 16:  "I'll take you to hell with me"

Episode 26: Car Hood Kiss

Episode 27: Bathtub Seduction Kiss
Episode 27: Kitchen Kiss

Episode 28:  Lingering kiss

What's your favorite "kiss" or "throttle" scene?

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