BTS of SWAK Miniseries: Liu Kenan's "Impassioned Spoilers"

The actor for Zhao Gaoxing, Liu Kenan, just did a little video recap of the released episodes and inserted a few spoilers too. Apparently, it seems like Tong Xue and Mo Shaoqian got married??! There is one short scene where Tong Xue refers herself as "I'm his wife." Another scenario is Tong Xue pretends to be Mo Shaoqian's wife so the doctor will disclose his Mo Shaoqian's health condition to her?

Anyway, there's another spoilerish scene with the new Song Yi and a melancholic Tong Xue dancing together against a firework backdrop! Is it just me or does that cocky smirk on Song Yi's face just really makes you want to smack him? I love Mo Shaoqian's cool arrogance and smirk, but the Xiao Shan's look-alike utterly fails to pull off the irresistible cockiness. He's just soooo lacking in charisma...and he's just asking the audience give him a good slap.

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