Hawick Lau & Ying'er to collaborate again in new fantasy series

Attention to all who like the Hawick Lau and Ying'er pairing! They are about to shoot a new series called Painted Skin: To Love Genuinely without Regrets. This drama is a spin-off of the upcoming Painted Skin 2 the movie. Ying'er will play a kind and beautiful princess who gets her heart/body stolen by a malicious fox demon played by Bai Bing (from War of Desires). Hawick Lau's character is a Han Dynasty general whom the princess loves. Qiao Zhenyu and Mao Zijun will join the cast playing some characters that have not been announced yet. This series is actually produced by Ruby Lin's Studio. In other words, Ruby is their boss!

I'm not particularly excited about this series even though I like the Hawick/Ying'er pairing in SWAK. Personally, I think Hawick looks sorta terrible in Han costumes. LOL. He looks best with short hair in modern dramas/Republic Era costumes. I also feel rather indifferent about the whole plot on fox demon possessing the body of the princess and whole body switching theme.

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