Official Stills of Beauties Without Tears

Hailanzhu and Hong Taij
The infamous producer/scriptwriter, Yu Zheng, just released some beautiful photos from this series. I'm loving the rich array of colors, sets, and costumes. For serious no-nonsense historical dramas, I tend to like more subtle and darker shades of coloring with deep details of embroidery in the costumes. But since this drama is supposed to be a fusion of history and mostly fiction, I don't mind the wild color combination. In my opinion, the profusive use of fur somehow works well to give an exotically ethnic feel to the drama.
The women in Hong Taiji's harem
I usually don't mind flamboyant colors for the women outfits, but for men, the drama stylist should always stick to more neutral or darker mix of colors like black, brown, or white and add a touch of gold/silver threading embellishment (as shown above).

For your reference, here is the relationship chart and brief character bio I previously put together for the characters in this series. According to Yu Zheng, Beauties Without Tears will not be another story about palace intrigue/plotting but more about personal growth and intricate web of love relationships between the various characters. Well... I'll trust Yu Zheng's words for now. He has a bad history of saying things that doesn't mean the way we interpret them. I only want to know more about the love relationship between Hong Taiji and Hailanzhu. How much will he actually love Hailanzhu? This isn't exactly your typical monogamous relationship since he has a ton of concubines! I'm curious how this "love" will stand out.
Hong Taiji in formal court robe

Hailanzhu- the only woman Hong Taiji truly loves

Zhezhe, Hong Taiji's principal wife and paternal aunt to both Dayu'er and Hailanzhu
Dayu'er with Prince Dorgon lying or he dying in her armHe spent his life to trying to win his sister-in-law's heart

Dayu'er and the ascension of her grandson, Kangxi, to the Dragon Throne

 Emperor Shunzi and his favorite Consort Donggo

Prince Dorgon looking lovingly at Dayu'er
Dayu'er and her mother, Shanshan, the principal wife of the Khorchin Mongol Chieftain. Shanshan's mistreatment of her husband's children by a low-born woman, Hailanzhu and Ah Gula, will trigger a series of events.

Dayu'er in mourning clothes
Namuzhong and Dorgon. She marries Hong Taiji after her first husband's death, but why do I sense something fishy going on between Dorgon and her?

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