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Legend of Lu Zhen Official Release Date Announced

The mysterious and much anticipated release date for Legend of Lu Zhen has finally been officialized and finalized! Get ready for some action on Sunday, May 5th at 7:30 p.m. Beijing time. I feel as if a heavy burden has lifted off my shoulders now that the release date is officially confirmed by many sources and is fast approaching. During the course of the initial broadcast, I hope to be more active in my blogging. If you sense that I'm awfully silent on this drama, it means the drama utterly fails to sustain my attention. If I'm super active, it can probably mean two things: I'm totally hooked or I'm totally pissed. LOL. I'm praying the latter won't ever happened.

Legend of Lu Zhen Hunan TV Promotional Teaser Trailers

Since Legend of Lu Zhen will be airing soon, Hunan TV has been releasing a series of 1-minute trailers to catch  viewer's attention. Each teaser trailer has its own "theme." I would like to dedicate this post to these mini-trailers and will do a continuous update as Hunan TV releases more during the next few days. Please check back often! I think my excitement for this drama is building up again! Yeppie!

Tang Yan and Wallace Huo to collaborate again in ancient romantic comedy

Fellow White Tofu and Zi Xuan fans from Chinese Paladin 3, I think we will finally get our "happy ending" in this new romantic comedy scripted by Tong Hua. Yep, you didn't read the name wrong. Tong Hua is none other than the famous author of the highly popular Bu Bu Jing Xin. Wallace Huo's Huajie studio and Tang Yan's studio and the production company of Sealed with a Kiss are joining forces to bring us some laughter in The Perfect Couple. Oh yeah, add another magic variable into this equation is the director of Too Late to Say I Love You! Zeng Lizhen will be the director of this drama series. I largely attribute the success of Too Late to Say I Love you to her keen eye for depicting powerful emotions onscreen. The story will take place during the Ming Dynasty. Wallace Huo plays an aristocratic gentleman from a prominent family who specializes in weapon production while Tang Yan plays a girl from jianghu (community of martial artist). Check out the recently rele…

Legend of Lu Zhen Release Update+ 2 Teaser Trailers

We have a very very good chance that Legend of Lu Zhen will air in May, possibly May 1st. The probability of it happening is nearing 90%. Hunan TV announced that Legend of Lu Zhen will be the next drama to air once their current modern drama finishes. Why hasn't Hunan TV announce an official date yet? Well....They tend to cut and edit episodes based on current ratings. If a drama does well in ratings, they will prolong the broadcast of the series by cutting shorter episodes and adding longer commercials. The modern series being aired right now has above average ratings, so I don't know how many episodes Hunan TV plans to cut for that drama series.

Official Stills Part III and latest release rumors for Legend of Lu Zhen

After multiple false alarms and misinformation, there are some "positive" signs that Legend of Lu Zhen will be airing "soon." Based onHunan TV's bad record, the definition of "soon" may  mean weeks or months. The latest rumors indicate two potential release dates: May 1 and May 12.  Though we should take all rumors with a grain of salt, I think there is a little truth in these rumors. Hunan TV is actually starting to promote Legend of Lu Zhen by inviting the cast to a popular variety show, Happy Camp. Chen Xiao, Zhao Liying, Qiao Yinliang, and Yang Rong will show up in Changsha on April 26 to record an episode of Happy Camp. Now this bit of information is a very convincing indication of its pending release! Being a Hunan TV invested project, Legend of Lu Zhen's TV rating is a big concern for the station's executives. The drama is garnered toward the younger audience, particularly the student population. The TV executives probably want to air …

Wallace Huo's Very Quiet Distance Interview Released (English Subtitles Available!)

My fellow fans of the HuoZi (Wallace Huo + Yang Zi) collaboration, we finally get more screen time of them on the official episode of Very Quiet Distance. In this interview, Wallace Huo revealed many tidbits about his personal life, including his childhood, first love, his rumored relationship with Chen Qiao En, and etc. My favorite part of the interview is Yang Zi's personal disclosure of Wallace Huo's real life character on the Battle of Changsha film set. To my surprise, Yang Zi and Wallace Huo despite their 13-year age gap have become fast friends after their three-month collaboration. Wallace Huo uses the Chinese term 忘年之交 wang nian zhi jiao describe their personal friendship. This term usually applies to two people with a large generation gap becoming extremely good friends and sharing great rapport. I often associate this term with a young person forming a close-knitted friendship with someone from  his/her grandparent's generation. I guess Wallace Huo sees himself…