Tang Yan and Wallace Huo to collaborate again in ancient romantic comedy

Fellow White Tofu and Zi Xuan fans from Chinese Paladin 3, I think we will finally get our "happy ending" in this new romantic comedy scripted by Tong Hua. Yep, you didn't read the name wrong. Tong Hua is none other than the famous author of the highly popular Bu Bu Jing Xin. Wallace Huo's Huajie studio and Tang Yan's studio and the production company of Sealed with a Kiss are joining forces to bring us some laughter in The Perfect Couple. Oh yeah, add another magic variable into this equation is the director of Too Late to Say I Love You! Zeng Lizhen will be the director of this drama series. I largely attribute the success of Too Late to Say I Love you to her keen eye for depicting powerful emotions onscreen. The story will take place during the Ming Dynasty. Wallace Huo plays an aristocratic gentleman from a prominent family who specializes in weapon production while Tang Yan plays a girl from jianghu (community of martial artist). Check out the recently released official costume stills from the production. What do you all think?

I'm not too fond of the light colored robes on Wallace Huo, but I absolutely love the dark navy blue and light gray robes!

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