Wallace Huo's Very Quiet Distance Interview Released (English Subtitles Available!)

My fellow fans of the HuoZi (Wallace Huo + Yang Zi) collaboration, we finally get more screen time of them on the official episode of Very Quiet Distance. In this interview, Wallace Huo revealed many tidbits about his personal life, including his childhood, first love, his rumored relationship with Chen Qiao En, and etc. My favorite part of the interview is Yang Zi's personal disclosure of Wallace Huo's real life character on the Battle of Changsha film set. To my surprise, Yang Zi and Wallace Huo despite their 13-year age gap have become fast friends after their three-month collaboration. Wallace Huo uses the Chinese term 忘年之交 wang nian zhi jiao describe their personal friendship. This term usually applies to two people with a large generation gap becoming extremely good friends and sharing great rapport. I often associate this term with a young person forming a close-knitted friendship with someone from  his/her grandparent's generation. I guess Wallace Huo sees himself as her "grandfather"? LOL.

Unfortunately, the official episode cut out a lot of materials from the original ~2-hour interview to condense everything in the designated 40-minute time slot. I actually manged to watch a fan recorded video of the full interview on Tudou. According to the full interview, both Wallace Huo and Yang Zi both had their reservations and worries about each other before filming. Yang Zi is actually the first actress born in the 90s that Wallace Huo collaborated with and also represents the new generation of actresses that he rarely interacted with. He feared that their age difference and different background would cause a lot of contention in their acting. Yang Zi shared his sentiments. Before reporting to the film set,Yang Zi actually did some homework on Wallace Huo when she found out he was cast as the male lead in Battle of Changsha. She couldn't find much information about him in the news media since Wallace Huo is a very private person and rarely participates in public events. Consequently, she resorted to watch some of his dramas. From his past works, she got the impression he was a very melancholic and quiet person. She worried that they would have communication problems because he is reserved and quiet in nature while she is very loquacious. Amusingly, Yang Zi later found out Wallace Huo is actually more loquacious than her!

Watch this Interview with ENGLISH SUBTITLES (Part 1) (Part 2) Credit to bombonella and tobemela.

According to Yang Zi, expect Battle of Changsha to air this year! I REALLY HOPE they can release it this summer.

Fan-recorded unedited version of the interview

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