Legend of Lu Zhen Hunan TV Promotional Teaser Trailers

Since Legend of Lu Zhen will be airing soon, Hunan TV has been releasing a series of 1-minute trailers to catch  viewer's attention. Each teaser trailer has its own "theme." I would like to dedicate this post to these mini-trailers and will do a continuous update as Hunan TV releases more during the next few days. Please check back often! I think my excitement for this drama is building up again! Yeppie!

20-Minute Trailer (mostly old footage)

Promo #10 - Dan Niang

Promo #9 - Shen Bi

Promo #8 - Empress Dowager Lou

Promo #7- May 5th Labor Day
Promo #6 - Gao Yin and Xiao Huanyun

Promo #5 - Gao Zhan and Lu Zhen
Promo #4 - Gao Zhan and his first love Xiao Huanyun

Promo #3 - Zhen Huan Version

Promo #2 - Lu Zhen

Promo #1 - Cast

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