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Release of The Story of Ming Lan Character Photos

The Story of Ming Lan has been quietly filming for five months now. This drama is projected to have 78 episodes and a plethora of characters. I'm not too excited about Zhao Liying and William Feng pairing as the main leading couple as they don't suit the images I have of the original characters in the novel. I'm hoping to be proven wrong when I watch the drama. Zhao Liying plays the 6th child and youngest daughter of the politically rising Sheng family. The Sheng family dynamics will be interesting to watch as the drama will follow each of the sister's marriages.

William Feng as Gu Ting Ye - Husband to Sheng Minglan
Zhu Yilong as Qi Heng 
Shi Shi as Sheng Molan - 4th (child) daughter of the Sheng family
Zhang Jianing as Sheng Rulan - 5th (child) daughter of Sheng Family
Wang Herun as Sheng Hualan - Eldest (child)  daughter of the Sheng Family
Liu Jun as Sheng Hong - Patriarch of the Sheng family and father to six children born by different mothers
Liu Lin as Wang Ruof…

Costumes of Xiao Pingjing in Nirvina in Fire 2: Wind Blows in Changlin (Part 2)

Episode 27 marks a big turning point for the character development of Xiao Pingjing. His clothing and hairstyle underwent a similar transformation. The style of his outfits became more ornate and structured to match his varius status changes. Xiao Pingjing went simply from the second young master of the Prince Changlin Manor to General Huai Hua, and then Prince Changlin after inheriting the official title from his father. If you missed the first half of his costume styling, you can check them out in this POST.
He is no longer the optimistic, carefree, and unfiltered young lad we see at the start of the drama. The side bangs and ponytail we often see in the earlier episodes disappeared to mark the end of his unruly days. Overnight, Xiao Pingjing is forced to grow up and take on the responsibilities that his older brother left behind.
Outfit #16 - First Appearance in Episode 27 @Ganzhou Province Camp - Suit of armor in mourning for his brother's death.

Outfit #17 - First Appearance…