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Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying travels to Qing Dynasty again for The Palace (Gong)

Can't get enough for this lovely and incredibly cute onscreen pairing after Legend of Lu Zhen? Fortunately, we will get to see more of them onscreen this summer! The exact date is August 13th. Chen Xiao will lead in the movie adaptation of Yu Zheng's Gong series as Emperor Kangxi's 13th Prince, Yinxiang. The story focuses on the theme of first love. Unfortunately, Zhao Liying is the female antagonist of the story and plays Yinxiang's evil first wife, Liu Li. Chen Xiao's true love in the movie is Zhou Dongyu's Chenxiang.

Gao Zhan and Lu Zhen's Wedding Photos!

So it's definitely confirmed that Gao Zhan and Lu Zhen are officially married in the story! Even though she never gets any official empress/concubinage titles, she definitely became a 'wife'! It's no dream sequence or someone's wild imagination. Gao Zhan looks like he's the happiest guy on earth in these photos. Chen Xiao once said in an interview that when he filmed this wedding scene, he felt like he was actually getting married. LOL.

Legend of Lu Zhen Novel is Available for Download

Unlike Sealed with a Kiss and Bu Bu Jing Xin, Legend of Lu Zhen was purely scripted for television adaptation. It was not based on any existing novels or work of literature. The novel is almost entirely based on the television script;  hence, the writing style is not anything imaginative or poignant. The novel is more like an narrative of the whole drama script. I highly suggest that you avoid reading this novel if you want to keep the excitement of watching how the actors/actresses interpret the script. I, myself, just briefly scan a few bits to pacify my worries about certain "plot devices." For the first time in my life, I don't want to get spoil by the spoilers. LOL.

✿Chinese Drama✿ Legend of Lu Zhen/ Female Prime Minister

Mandarin title: Legend of Lu Zhen/ Female Prime Minister/陆贞传奇/女相
# Episode: 45
Genre: Historical
Release date: May 5, 2013
Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast: Zhao Liying as Lu Zhen, Chen Xiao as Gao Zhan, Yang Rong as Xiao Huanyun, Qiao Renliang as Gao Yan, Tang Yixin as Shen Bi, Liu Xuehua as Empress Dowager Lou, Maggie Cheung as Lou Qingchang

Legend of Lu Zhen's End Theme Song & 2 More Days till its premiere!

I waited for more than a year for Legend of Lu Zhen to air. Nowthat the release day is less than two days away, I feel like my mind still hasn't completely processed this fact. I don't think I ever religiously followed a drama series as closely as I did for Lu Zhen. And I've followed quite a few dramas from pre-production to broad in my life. I hope, I pray, I hope again that this drama won't disappoint! Alright, enough of my rant. Last night, the end theme song "Mood" finally got released. The singers are none other than our main couple: Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying. To my surprise, Chen Xiao's singing voice is actually quite memorable. Zhao Liying sounds more coarse and less professional, but definitely better than Yang Mi's squeaky singing voice!

Major Spoilers Reveal in Novel for Legend of Lu Zhen

Last night, I was lucky enough to chat with a fellow Lu Zhen fan on the Baidu Forum who was willing to share some information she read in the novel adaptation of this TV series. I bombarded the poor girl with a ton of burning questions. During our short online chat, I learned a few important things and would like to share what I discovered. If you want to remain spoiler free, I strongly recommend that you don't read this post. If you want to get spoiled about some aspects of the plot, you can continue to read. I'm going to structure the spoilers in a Q&A format and hide my answers in yellow font.

How many girls are infatuated with Gao Zhan in Legend of Lu Zhen?

While I was wasting away my precious sleep time browsing the Baidu Forum, I chanced upon a funny post listing all of Lu Zhen's love rivals in Legend of Lu Zhen. Gotta say this girl has some serious competitors to eliminate to win her Prince Charming! It seems like almost...I mean ALMOST every non-blooded related woman in the story is romantically interested in Gao Zhan. He is practically a Marty Stu character but in a more likeable way.