Legend of Lu Zhen Novel is Available for Download

Unlike Sealed with a Kiss and Bu Bu Jing Xin, Legend of Lu Zhen was purely scripted for television adaptation. It was not based on any existing novels or work of literature. The novel is almost entirely based on the television script;  hence, the writing style is not anything imaginative or poignant. The novel is more like an narrative of the whole drama script. I highly suggest that you avoid reading this novel if you want to keep the excitement of watching how the actors/actresses interpret the script. I, myself, just briefly scan a few bits to pacify my worries about certain "plot devices." For the first time in my life, I don't want to get spoil by the spoilers. LOL.

I noticed that many Chinese netizens who have already read the novel felt the drama is much more interesting than the written novel. The actors really brought the characters to life.

Novel Download (.txt format)
Hotfile (simplified Chinese)

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