How many girls are infatuated with Gao Zhan in Legend of Lu Zhen?

While I was wasting away my precious sleep time browsing the Baidu Forum, I chanced upon a funny post listing all of Lu Zhen's love rivals in Legend of Lu Zhen. Gotta say this girl has some serious competitors to eliminate to win her Prince Charming! It seems like almost...I mean ALMOST every non-blooded related woman in the story is romantically interested in Gao Zhan. He is practically a Marty Stu character but in a more likeable way.

1. Xiao Huanyun - Gao Zhan's First Love
She is Lu Zhen's most menacing love rival in the early episodes. After learning that Gao Zhan has fallen for Lu Zhen, she throws countless hurdles and obstacles at our OTP. Luckily, she eventually gives up on Gao Zhan to reciprocate her husband's affections.

2. Shen Bi - The Evil Secret Admirer
Lu Zhen's ultimate nemesis in love and career. She is perhaps the most villainous character in the entire series. After meeting Gao Zhan for the first time, she immediately falls in love with him and tries to destroy any woman who grows close to Gao Zhan.

3. Shen Jiamin - Ideal Wife
Her high birth makes her the ideal marriage candidate for Gao Zhan. Princess Gao Xiang, Gao Zhan's elder sister, desperately wants her brother to hook up with Shen Jiamin .
4. Princess Tongchan - The "official" wife
I believe she appears toward the latter half of the series and ends up marrying Gao Zhan as his official "empress" or "wife." Unlike Lu Zhen's other love rivals, Princess Tongchan only has the mindset of a 8-year old. Does she even know what "love' is?

5. Lamei - The mysterious obsessive admirer?
I did not even know this character was interested in Gao Zhan until someone suggested it on the Baidum Forum. I still have doubts about whether she actually harbors any love interest in our Prince Charming. I just know from an interview that she said she wanted to dig Lu Zhen's heart out. 

In conclusion, no matter how many girls are interested in Gao Zhan, he's only has eyes for our main girl. I guess that's the benefits of being the #1 female lead. LOL. 

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