Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying travels to Qing Dynasty again for The Palace (Gong)

Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying collaborates for a third time in this movie
Can't get enough for this lovely and incredibly cute onscreen pairing after Legend of Lu Zhen? Fortunately, we will get to see more of them onscreen this summer! The exact date is August 13th. Chen Xiao will lead in the movie adaptation of Yu Zheng's Gong series as Emperor Kangxi's 13th Prince, Yinxiang. The story focuses on the theme of first love. Unfortunately, Zhao Liying is the female antagonist of the story and plays Yinxiang's evil first wife, Liu Li. Chen Xiao's true love in the movie is Zhou Dongyu's Chenxiang.

I'm quite curious to see how Zhao Liying will play a detestable character. Because of her sweet and gentle appearance, it is somewhat difficult for me to imagine her in a malicious and evil role. In a recent interview, Chen Xiao praised Zhao Liying's acting in this movie. He said she gave him a completely different vibe and her whole demeanor changed with her character.

Zhou Dongyu as Chenxiang
Chen Xiao as 13th Prince

Zhao Liying as Liu Li
Zhao Liying (left), Zhou Dongyu (center), unknown lady (right)

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