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Yu Zheng Studio releases twin teaser trailers: Yun Zhong Ge and The Palace: The Lost Daughter

Any of you bored with Chen Xiao's fugly costumes in Return of the Condor Heroes will be spirited away by the opulence and flamboyance of the Yun Zhong Ge's trailer. But before you can start watching the trailer, you have to speed through scenes from Yu Zheng's third installation of the Palace (Gong)Trilogy. I have to say The Palace: The Lost Daughter (aka Gong 3) looks more promising than Return of the Condor Heroes, at least in terms of art direction and costumes.

TV Adaptation of Eastern Han Dynasty Romance Novel expands on love focus: Big Tree General and his concubine

If you have been following mainland Chinese entertainment filming or Ms. Koala's Playground, or you just happened to be a big fan of mainland actor Yuan Hong, I am sure you already know a bit or a lot about Ruby Lin's second big investment project - Xiu Li Jiang Shan: Chang Ge Xing (roughly translated into Beautiful Land and River: Long Ballad March). This latest historical production centers on a piece of Chinese history that has not been heavily adapted on the small screen before. (P.S. I am actually quite happy mainland Chinese TV productions finally drifted way from the heavy Qing Dynasty backdrop and explores other epochs. Guys with a nicely groomed hair bun is much more soothing to the eyes than half-bald guys sporting a braided queue). The drama chronicles the rise of Empress Yin Lihua and endowed her with modern sensibilities.

Quick Rant on Return of the Condor Heroes Costume Styling

Today is Zhao Liying's 26th birthday and Yu Zheng celebrated with two new stills of her cameo role in his latest production. Luckily, my fear that Zhao Liying's Mu Nianci and Chen Zhao's Yang Kang not sharing any scenes together has evaporated with this pictorial release. It definitely more than I asked for. It also seems my favorite pairing is sharing a "intimate" scene together.