Yu Zheng Studio releases twin teaser trailers: Yun Zhong Ge and The Palace: The Lost Daughter

Any of you bored with Chen Xiao's fugly costumes in Return of the Condor Heroes will be spirited away by the opulence and flamboyance of the Yun Zhong Ge's trailer. But before you can start watching the trailer, you have to speed through scenes from Yu Zheng's third installation of the Palace (Gong)Trilogy. I have to say The Palace: The Lost Daughter (aka Gong 3) looks more promising than Return of the Condor Heroes, at least in terms of art direction and costumes.

Yuan Shan Shan, despite her ridiculously short bangs, looks quite stunning in a few scenes. For once, I do not mind Yuan Shan Shan's presence in a production. I heard Gong 3 is another Yu Zheng's copycat from an old and famous drama series. This time he based his plot and characters on Chong Yao's (Qiong Yao) Qing Dynasty romance The Blossom Tattoo/Branding 梅花烙. The recycled plot devices of birth switches come into play again. Yuan Shan Shan will play the long lost daughter of a Manchurian general and his principal consort. As long as Yuan Shan Shan doesn't play another damsel in distress, I will be able to tolerate her. Lu Yi plays the fake biological son of the same Manchurian general and Dai Jiaoqian gets to act obnoxious as high-born Manchurian royalty whom Lu Yi has to marry against his will. Chen Xiao also has a cameo role as the dream decipher in this drama

Stills from The Palace: The Lost Daughther
 The highly anticipated Yun Zhong Ge features a very pretty cast. Angelababy looks extremely dolly, so dainty pretty that it almost looks too symmetrically beautiful to be real. She reminds of a perfect white porcelain doll. A special note, Yun Zhong Ge's teaser trailer is horrendously misleading. Chen Xiao is  in fact male lead #3 after Lu Yi and Du Chun. The teaser  through its deceptive editing made it seems Chen Xiao and Angelababy are the main couple.
Despite looking great again in his royal robes, I have a feeling I will despise Chen Xiao's Liu Bingyi/ Liu Xun or the Emperor Han Xuandi in Yun Zhong Ge. He is the main antagonist in Yun Zhong Ge. The cause for many of the tragedies to come in this fictitious story. I love entertaining villains, but I have little hope for the the scriptwriter of Yun Zhong Ge to successfully transform this overly vilify historical character in the original novel into a conflicted, charismatic power-hungry young man. Till this date, I have encountered two of her works: In Love with Power and Curse of the Royal Harem. Both failed miserably in the storytelling. This scriptwriter butchered Hawick Lau's character beyond redemption in In Love with Power. Instead of toning down his despicability, she will probably do the opposite and intensify the audience hatred for Liu Xun. I highly doubt she can write a convincing tale of love, loss, and betrayal.


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