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Continuous delays in the release of Female Prime Minister & In Love with Power

It appears the release date for both Female Prime Minister (FPM) and In Love with Power (ILWP) is not anywhere near the horizon. Rumors and speculations are plentiful but nothing concrete is set. FPM was originally slated for summer, then got pushed to October. Now I don't even hear any details on it's official release date. I just know Hunan TV has officially included FPM in its long list of dramas to broadcast for 2013.

Michelle Yip and Raymond Lam Reunite in Tang Dyansty Drama

After a 10 year hiatus from their last collaboration Lofty Waters and Verdant Bows, fans of the Michelle Ye and Raymond Lam pairing can squeal in excitement about their upcoming Tang Dynasty period drama called "Legend of the Purple Hairpin." I used to be a big fan of their pairing in Eternal Happiness. Raymond Lam was absolutely adorable as the simple-minded but kindhearted boy. It would be interesting to see how much of their original chemistry remains in this collaboration. The Legend of the Purple Hairpin will be loosely based on a famous Chinese opera.

Wallace Huo pairs with child actress in epic TV series Battle of Changsha

I think I'm on a Wallace Huo-craze or something because I'm getting rather excited about his upcoming TV series set during the Second Sino-Japanese War (which eventually merged into World War II). Non-war drama fans, please don't shy away yet! This TV series isn't all about guns, bombs, and bayonets. It's actually based on an internet novel that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a prominent but not too wealthy literati family (surname Hu) living in the ancient city of Changsha, Hunan Province. Even though the novel was originally published on a internet novel website known more for romance, the story isn't exactly romantic but focuses more about wartime survival and the value of family. In fact, it doesn't even feel like a love story between two individuals but more like a story of family love. This story is definitely not going to be the typical modern family drama with constant bickering and infighting among relatives. And if you're worried a…

Marathoning Wallace Huo's TV Series

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the cooler temperatures. I've been quite zoomed out of recent releases in dramaland since nothing really catches my attention. Many of you recommended that I check out Zhao Liying's new period drama called Cuo Dian Yuan Yang. I will definitely check it out since the story is based on one of the very first Chinese novels I read. However, I just wish the main actor was bit more...charismatic. LOL. He isn't exactly how I pictured him when I read the novel.

Instead of watching new drama series, I've actually been giving older dramas I checked out years ago but somehow never fully watched them in depth another glimpse. It also happens that Wallace Huo starred in these dramas I've been watching lately. This coincidence is the result of my mom who has been watching Rouge Snow and Chinese Paladin 3 dubbed in Cantonese on my local Chinese satellite channel. While she was watching these two series, I suddenly got the urge to rewatch th…

[Celebrity News] Old TVB Actor, Austin Wai, Died at 55

I'm not sure if you are familiar with this old actor, Austin Wai, but he remains one of my fondest childhood supporting actors in TVB wuxia series. He actually started out as an action performer in the early 1970s and later diverted into a TV actor. Most of his TVB characters were rather rather wooden, stony, or cold, but there was a still noble charm to whoever he portrayed.  The most poignant memory I have of him was his role as the straitlaced and noble Lu Guanying in 1983 version of Legend of the Condor Heroes with Felix Wong and Barbara Yung. He co-starred opposite another veteran TVB actress, Rebecca Chan, as the wuxia verion of Romeo and Juilet.