Michelle Yip and Raymond Lam Reunite in Tang Dyansty Drama

After a 10 year hiatus from their last collaboration Lofty Waters and Verdant Bows, fans of the Michelle Ye and Raymond Lam pairing can squeal in excitement about their upcoming Tang Dynasty period drama called "Legend of the Purple Hairpin." I used to be a big fan of their pairing in Eternal Happiness. Raymond Lam was absolutely adorable as the simple-minded but kindhearted boy. It would be interesting to see how much of their original chemistry remains in this collaboration. The Legend of the Purple Hairpin will be loosely based on a famous Chinese opera.

Not much of the character bios or plot have been revealed, so I can't say much about the potential of the drama. It seems Raymond Lam has two different names in the series Huang Bingke and Nalan Dong. I'm not certain if he will play two different persons or one person with two different names. But for Michelle Ye, she will act as a musical dancing girl named Huo Xiaoyu ("Little Jade"). In the original story,  Huo Xiao loses contact with her husband when he goes off to take the civil examination. He eventually passes the civil examination and becomes a high ranking official gaining the favor of the royal princess. A purple hairpin becomes the emblem of their love and the key to find one another again.

What do you think of the colorful costumes?

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