Continuous delays in the release of Female Prime Minister & In Love with Power

It appears the release date for both Female Prime Minister (FPM) and In Love with Power (ILWP) is not anywhere near the horizon. Rumors and speculations are plentiful but nothing concrete is set. FPM was originally slated for summer, then got pushed to October. Now I don't even hear any details on it's official release date. I just know Hunan TV has officially included FPM in its long list of dramas to broadcast for 2013.

NOOO~~ I'm starting to get really impatient with Hunan TV. The current modern series being broadcast are just not my cup of tea. They are basically remakes of popular Korean series such as Baker King and Seven Princesses. As for ILWP,  it is "supposedly" slated for Jiangsu TV's springtime time slot, meaning roughly around Chinese New Year. The delays are really taking a toll on my excitement for these series. I bet by the time these dramas come out, I'll be feeling too BLAH to follow it closely. At least I feel my anticipation for ILWP has waned, although I'm still quite excited about FPM.

On a side note, I heard Da Mo Yao is tentively set as a summer drama series to broadcast on Shanghai's Eastern TV station. Take this information with a grain of salt. As you probably already know, mainland China TV broadcasting schedule can change faster than the speed of my dog running away from me when I want to wash his feet.

In Love with Power
- Hong Taiji loves Hailanzhu and not Dayu'er
- Pretty furry costumes
- Character Potential in Han Dong's Prince Dorgon

- Basis of storyline ain't new. It will be hard for ILWP to surpass many past successful adaptations.
- Despite being only in love with Hailanzhu, Hong Taiji practically has to woo every single young women in the drama.
-Yuan Shanshan isn't a charismatic actress.
- Zhang Meng's acting may not be able to draw sympathy from viewers.
- Blood-related sisters/brothers try to destroy each other. Can't we have some sibling love??

Female Prime Minister
- Gorgeously attractive OTP and their unwavering love relationship
- Pretty costumes
- Refreshing premise and historical backdrop

"Oops...I got drugged and slept with the wrong woman" plot cliche
-  High potential for tragic ending
-  Another cookie-cutter series heavy in court politics/court intrigues

In the meantime, all IPWP lovers can shave off some their excitement off these official stills and some pretty groofy BTS photos. LOL.
Hawick's puffy expression made me burst out LAUGHING! HAHAHA It's one of those typical "drunken scenes" where the guy tries to take "advantage" of the girl. He couldn't bring himself to do anything when he was sober, so he decided to lower all of his inhibition when he's drunk??

And the fun stuff...actors/actresses groofing off on the film sets...

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