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[Translation] Chaper 3(2) Sealed with a Kiss Novel

Sorry for my recent lack of update and neglect to this blog. I've been swamped with work and everyday life. Any free time I have got devoted to reading Da Mo Yao. Anyway, enjoy this read! And a little preview for the next translation bit: a quasi "bed" scene. Don't expect too much! It's just hinted and not even explicitly stated in the writing.

Before I even have time to react, she already gulped down the whole glass of wine. In the next instance, I just didn't' know what to do. The other young woman, in the meantime, interjected, “Since everyone is having such a wonderful time, why don’t Director Mo and Miss Tong have a “pair” drink  and we can naturally join in the toast as well.”

Female Prime Minister: A Romanticized Glimpse into a Turbulent Piece of History

Besides Da Mo Yao and Beauties without Tears, Female Prime Minister is the next TV series I'm really looking forward to watch. This series, once again, is produced by Yu Zheng....BUT, he's just one of the producers, and luckily, he isn't doing the writing. The other producer is one of my favorite Chinese TV directors, Gao Xixi (New Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Tian Mi Mi, and Shanghai Bund). Based on the photos, I feel this production is quite grand in scale since I can see some exquisite details put into the sets and costumes.

Roy Chiu, Waking Up Love, and Randomness

Instead of devoting my time to translate SWAK novel (sorry readers!), I've been marathoning through a lighthearted, somewhat cheesy remake of Frog Prince called Waking Up Love.  I actually attempted to watch this drama more than two times last year, before finally building enough motivation to finish it yesterday.

[Translation] Chapter 3(1) Sealed with a Kiss Novel

This translation process is making me realize how grateful I should be toward the original scriptwriter of SWAK drama. She changed the novel from being Xiao Shan-centric to focus a lot on Mo Shaoqian. I honestly would not want to watch to entire drama devoted to Tong Xue weeping and moping over her first love. There is just TOO MUCH Xiao Shan in the novel and not enough Mo Shaoqian. LOL. Even though Xiao Shao doesn't show up in every scene, his presence is still quite omnipotent because Tong Xue keeps on talking/thinking about him.

[Translation] Chapter 2(6) of Sealed with a Kiss Novel

To my SWAK novel readers, I apologize for my lack of update in translation work. I suddenly had the urge to translate another small piece of the novel. Hope you all will enjoy reading this! If you've forgotten what you read last, you can check out the previous chapters on the Current Projects page.Next chapter has more Mo Shaoqian! Yay for me! I'm so unmotivated to translate the Xiao Shan's parts.

Da Mo Yao/Ballad of the Desert and Casting Decision of Eddie Peng as Huo Qubing

After the SWAK miniseries fiasco, I shifted my attention to the upcoming Tang Ren's period drama, Da Mo Yao or Ballad of the Desert. At first, I wasn't too interested in this production when I heard Hu Ge and Liu Shishi would portray the main couple, playing Huo Qubing and Jin Yu respectively. I'm certain a large majority of people totally disagree with me. It seems many are adamant about Hu Ge in taking the role of Huo Qubing, to the point of boycotting the series when they heard Eddie Peng took the role instead.

Ending of SWAK Miniseries (Discussion)

After three weeks of snail-paced release of the miniseries, we will finally get to see how this greatly anticipated sequel will end in less than two hours. There is still absolutely NO news about the potential full TV series sequel. To be honest, I think I'm kinda drained out to feel anything at this moment. Whether this miniseries will give us a satisfying open ending or another crappy pothole, I really don't care as much as before. My official SWAK ending will always be what the author wrote in the epilogue chapter.

Anyway, I created this post for us to have a lively discussion on the last episode tonight. In the meantime, enjoy these GIFs of the ever suave and wickedly urbane Mo Shaoqian. =D

Recap: SWAK Miniseries Ep. 2 Reunion

After Tong Xue sees the white Origami crane left on her desk, she can’t help but ponder all day about the person who folded it.  She gets lost in her own world until Song Yi interrupts her. He gets curious and asks why she would settle for such a “minor” design project with her impressive qualifications. Tong Xue refutes, “There’s nothing wrong of this type of design. Hard work should not be judged on such basis.” 
She goes on to confess that she came to wait for someone but unfortunately, he’s not there. She tells Song Yi, “We have missed each other too many times. I don’t want to lose him again. I’m determined to wait till he comes back.”