[Translation] Chaper 3(2) Sealed with a Kiss Novel

Sorry for my recent lack of update and neglect to this blog. I've been swamped with work and everyday life. Any free time I have got devoted to reading Da Mo Yao. Anyway, enjoy this read! And a little preview for the next translation bit: a quasi "bed" scene. Don't expect too much! It's just hinted and not even explicitly stated in the writing.


Before I even have time to react, she already gulped down the whole glass of wine. In the next instance, I just didn't' know what to do. The other young woman, in the meantime, interjected, “Since everyone is having such a wonderful time, why don’t Director Mo and Miss Tong have a “pair” drink  and we can naturally join in the toast as well.”

Those two women, how could they just drink alcohol like water?


I felt trapped. Despite being beleaguered at all fronts, I still manage to take a furtive glance at Mo Shaoqian’s face. I dare not to wish too much, but I know he only has to show a subtle sign in between his eyebrows and those women would not dare to give push me further. Unfortunately, he looks completely expressionless. The two “You Sisters” indefatigably try to coax me to drink more. How could someone as pitiful as I ever be a worthy opponent against them?

 In the end, I bunglingly pour a few drinks down my throat. Even though it’s red wine, my cheeks immediately flush red with a feverish burn and my head turns tipsy. If they continue to push me to drink more, I’m going get really drunk. My body has already slowly softens in the stupor. My stomach feels even worst while my hands begin to tremble. In my intoxicated state, I finally manage to build enough courage to gently pull on Mo Shaoqian’s sleeve under the table.

Mo Shaoqian didn’t even look at me. I’m not even sure whether he just wanted to help out or he meant to aggravate my current predicament when he casually said, “Don’t push her. She can’t drink.”


“Oh Mr. Mo, is your heart already aching on her behalf? “ One spoke in seemingly angry tone, yet not so angry. The other young woman's expressive brows and glowing eyes seem to convey the same message.  She added, “Mr. Mo, if it distresses you, why don’t you drink on Miss Tong’s behalf?”

Mo Shaoqian in a seeming smile, “Just listen at your tone of voice. I wouldn’t dare to drink on her behalf.”

Everyone at the table roars with laughter, as if he was genuinely serious about what he just said.


Something inside me suddenly turns icy cold as I involuntarily hold the wine glass in my hand. Cruising on my drunken euphoria, I said, “I’m fine, I can drink myself!”


These words rang like a vicious attack at hive of bees. The two “You Sisters” thoroughly targeted their attacks on me. After I gulped down one wine glass, they clapped their hands in approval and immediately let the server refill my wine glass. They took turns drowning me with drinks like the never-stopping merry-go-round. The others also joined in on the fun.
I don’t know how much I drank. I became so intoxicated that I dared to challenge the “You Sisters.” I held up my glass and urged them to drink. In the end, I lost consciousness and didn’t know anything.


When I slowly regained my consciousness, I was already in the car - Mo Shaoqian’s Maybach. I was the one who actually pressed him to buy this car. A few years ago, he was wavering between Bentley and Maybach. He couldn’t decide, so I said Bentley. Truthfully, I actually like Maybach. I knew he didn’t think highly of my taste, so I urged him to buy the Bentley. The result: he actually bought the Maybach.

It was such a romantic car. One day, Yueying even said nagged about it three times to me, saying that how all the male protagonists in novels always use this car. Unfortunately her new rich father did not understand the beauty of it and refused to buy it.


The exorbitant price of this car is derived from its customization. Just the genuine leather seat alone is a piece of pure craftsmanship.  Never beaten with a whip, the cattle provide the skin that undergoes the tanning process and handiwork to become the full-grain leather with the least imperfections in coloring and patterning. Then stitch by stitch, it gets flawlessly pieced together to produce this leather seat. I don’t even know how many cattle got butchered for this leather seat. I sincerely feel sorry for these cattle as I vomited on the leather seat.


Mo Shaoqian had the chauffeur stopped the car. I squatted on the roadside and continued to vomit. All four doors laid wide open while the chauffeur busied himself with a box of tissues and his cleaning effort.

I don’t even how much perfume he sprayed. When I got back inside the car, all I could smell was the Tiffany’s Men Cologne.  Mo Shaoqian loves brand. He even has a spare bottle in his car. But every time I smell this fragrance, I just want to vomit some more.


I finally endured till we got home. I clumsily climbed up the stairs and found my way to my bedroom. I even managed to take a bath and not drown in the bathtub. Without even blowing dry my hair, I collapsed once I saw my bed and slept away like a pig.


I didn’t sleep very well. I had a nightmare. I dreamt of pitch blackness and couldn’t even cry out. I completely lost control of my body and couldn’t move an inch. Something heavy as giant rock pressed down on my body, but it also felt like I was drowning in water. Just endlessly being pushed downward and downward, I couldn’t even struggle... Everything left me. I felt completely trapped in this hopeless darkness…without even the energy to cry out. I just couldn’t move. All four of my limbs didn’t seem to belong to me anymore. The muscles throughout my whole body felt strained and my body stripped of its skin, like how the legendary mermaid got descaled.  

But I know in my heart that this isn’t the will of Heaven, it is life. I just couldn’t struggle free. Finally, I used all my strength to fling open my eyes. In darkness, I could only see Mo Shaoqian’s eyes. They were dark and focused. He didn’t seem to be staring at me, but more like he was closely examining someone unfamiliar.

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