Recap: SWAK Miniseries Ep. 2 Reunion

After Tong Xue sees the white Origami crane left on her desk, she can’t help but ponder all day about the person who folded it.  She gets lost in her own world until Song Yi interrupts her. He gets curious and asks why she would settle for such a “minor” design project with her impressive qualifications. Tong Xue refutes, “There’s nothing wrong of this type of design. Hard work should not be judged on such basis.” 

She goes on to confess that she came to wait for someone but unfortunately, he’s not there. She tells Song Yi, “We have missed each other too many times. I don’t want to lose him again. I’m determined to wait till he comes back.”
On rooftop of a building, Tong Xue vents out her frustration and screams at the cityscape.
“Mo Shaoqian, where are you? I demand you to come out!  Are you avoiding me on purpose? Mo Shaoqian, come out! I have a lot of things to say to you! Come out!”
Hidden behind Tong Xue in another corner, Mo Shaoqian watches with pain. When Tong Xue turns around, she sees a dark shadowy figure and thinks the man is Shaoqian. He doesn’t want to see Tong Xue and immediately flees the scene.  In her pursuit of man down the staircase, she trips and hurts her ankle. Song Yi then comes to the rescue despite Tong Xue’s insistence on getting up herself. 

Outside the building, Mo Shaoqian waits in his car and Wenhao asks him if he should send someone to follow Tong Xue to make sure she’s fine. Shaoqian coldly replies, “It’s not necessary.”

During the escort home, Tong Xue continues to refuse Song Yi’s assistance and doesn’t want him to hold on her. She thanks Song Yi for his help and wants to send him off. When she walks for a few steps on her own, she falls again, and this time into Song Yi’s arms, despite her embarrassment. 

Tong Xue asks Song Yi if he saw anyone in the stairway, but Song Yi seems to hesitate for a bit before answering “no.” He goes on to question Tong Xue if she’s mistaken. Again, Tong Xue  reiterates her determination to find “him.”

Next day, Tong Xue meets up with Liu Yueying, Gao Zhaoxing, and Song Yi at a café to discuss about Mo Shaoqian’s whereabouts. No one at the company knows where he went. Song Yi thinks Mo Shaoqian probably never the country and Tong Xue agrees as she feels he’s hiding from her.  

Around the same time, two rugged-looking men get seated at a table next to Tong Xue’s table. The two men are heavily in gambling debt and greatly in need of a large sum of “quick” money. They overhears Liu Yueying’s grand “kidnapping” plan to lure Mo Shaoqian to come out from hiding and “test” his love for Tong Xue.  Yueying suggests that Tong Xue “pretends” to get kidnapped and gives Mo Shaoqian the impression that she is in grave danger. From a business magazine, the two men learn that Mo Shaoqian is quite the wealthy businessman (he conveniently graces the front magazine cover).  They decided to put Yueying’s plan into action and blackmail Mo Shaoqian for the large sum of money.  

 As Tong Xue and the rest of her friends go for a leisurely stroll, the two men from the café and their gang literally come dragging Tong Xue off into their green van. The kidnappers take a photo of Tong Xue with her cell phone and send it to Mo Shaoqian. 

At the doctor’s office, Mo Shaoqian prepares for his checkup and suddenly receives a text message with a photo of fearful Tong Xue restrained by someone. He immediately rushes back to his office.

In a dark secluded room, Tong Xue tries to convince the kidnappers that she no longer has any relations with Mo Shaoqian. They should just abandon their plan since Mo Shaoqian is not going to pay the ransom money. To Tong Xue’s dismay, the kidnappers don’t believe her and will wait for the real answer from Mo Shaoqian.

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