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Disappointing news for Wallace Huo/Liu Shi Shi shippers in The Imperial Doctress

Hua Qian Gu recently held a press conference in Guangxi Province. In an interview, Wallace Huo supposedly revealed that he and Liu Shi Shi do not have any intimate scenes in The Imperial Doctress. The love relationship is unfortunately one-sided. Wallace Huo's Zhu Qizhen is completely enthralled and lovelorn over Liu Shi Shi‘s Tan Yunxian. On the other hand, she is in love with his younger brother, Zhu Qiyu, played by Huang Xuan.

Wallace Huo and Zhao Liying join forces to adapt popular Chinese online novel onto the TV screen

Zhao Liying + Wallace Huo combo is definitely very unexpected and refreshing in terms of TV pairing. I somehow never linked these two performers together. After watching Wallace Huo's subtle and endearing portrayal of Gu Qingming in Battle of Changsha, I have even greater hopes for his acting ability and selfishly want him to co-star with Yang Zi again in another production. In my personal fantasy world, I wanted Wallace Huo and Yang Zi to pair again for Hua Qian Gu (literal translation "Flower of a Thousand Bones"). But the official stills of Zhao Liying as Hua Qian Gu look very promising and do not disappoint. Thus, I'm back on the track to follow the progress of this series.

Song of the Desert Official MV is out!

Sorry for my long absence! I took quite a long hiatus from my blogging life because recent dramas that flooded our screen neither interested me nor inspired me to write about it. I hope you all haven't wonder too far away from Chinese dramaland. The release of Sound of the Desert official MV finally bought me back to dramaland. I'm still keenly following every tiny bits of news about this drama series. Most of the dramas I followed have already been released (e.g., Legend of Lu Zhen, Battle of Changsha, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils), except for this one. Nothing has been confirmed yet about its broadcast. I just keep on hearing about one delays after another. *sigh*