Disappointing news for Wallace Huo/Liu Shi Shi shippers in The Imperial Doctress

Left to Right: Li Chengyuan, Wallace Huo, Huang Xuan, and Liu Shi Shi

Hua Qian Gu recently held a press conference in Guangxi Province. In an interview, Wallace Huo supposedly revealed that he and Liu Shi Shi do not have any intimate scenes in The Imperial Doctress. The love relationship is unfortunately one-sided. Wallace Huo's Zhu Qizhen is completely enthralled and lovelorn over Liu Shi Shi‘s Tan Yunxian. On the other hand, she is in love with his younger brother, Zhu Qiyu, played by Huang Xuan.

Zhu Qizhen will spend most of his screen time in The Imperial Doctress pining over Tan Yunxian. Sounds like The Imperial Concubine, aka Qin Shi Huang Fei, anyone? This bit of news is quite disappointing. I was wishing for some great romance between Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi in The Imperial Doctress. Well, there will be romance, but it just does not involve the people I want to watch! I'm totally on the wrong boat!

It seems Wallace Huo has already wrapped up his hectic filming for The Imperial Doctress. This somewhat implies his screen time in the drama is definitely much shorter than Liu Shi Shi. I believe The Imperial Doctress is not scheduled to end shooting until early July.

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