Legend of Lu Zhen's End Theme Song & 2 More Days till its premiere!

Caption Translation: Chen Xiao - "Lu Zhen, what would you like to tell me today?" Zhao Liying - "2"
I waited for more than a year for Legend of Lu Zhen to air. Now that the release day is less than two days away, I feel like my mind still hasn't completely processed this fact. I don't think I ever religiously followed a drama series as closely as I did for Lu Zhen. And I've followed quite a few dramas from pre-production to broad in my life. I hope, I pray, I hope again that this drama won't disappoint! Alright, enough of my rant. Last night, the end theme song "Mood" finally got released. The singers are none other than our main couple: Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying. To my surprise, Chen Xiao's singing voice is actually quite memorable. Zhao Liying sounds more coarse and less professional, but definitely better than Yang Mi's squeaky singing voice!

Clip of end theme song

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