Costumes of Xiao Pingjing in Nirvina in Fire 2: Wind Blows in Changlin (Part 2)

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Episode 27 marks a big turning point for the character development of Xiao Pingjing. His clothing and hairstyle underwent a similar transformation. The style of his outfits became more ornate and structured to match his varius status changes. Xiao Pingjing went simply from the second young master of the Prince Changlin Manor to General Huai Hua, and then Prince Changlin after inheriting the official title from his father. If you missed the first half of his costume styling, you can check them out in this POST.

He is no longer the optimistic, carefree, and unfiltered young lad we see at the start of the drama. The side bangs and ponytail we often see in the earlier episodes disappeared to mark the end of his unruly days. Overnight, Xiao Pingjing is forced to grow up and take on the responsibilities that his older brother left behind.

Outfit #16 - First Appearance in Episode 27 @Ganzhou Province Camp - Suit of armor in mourning for his brother's death.
First Armor

Outfit #17 - First Appearance in Episode 27 @Jinling Capital City - Official mourning robe for Xiao Pingzhang's funeral

Outfit #18a - First Appearance in Episode 28 @Jinling Capital City - This silver embroidered white robe shows up more frequently while Xiao Pingjing lives at Lang Ya Mountain. 

Outfit #18b - First Appearance in Episode 28 @Jinling Capital City - White embroidered robe with black fur-lined collar blue cloak. This outfit combo only appears in this episode and doesn't show up again. Xiao Pingjing does repeatedly wear the white embroidered robe in later episodes but not with the black fur-lined cloak. 

Outfit #18c - First Appearance in Episode 46 @Lang Ya Mountain - The white-fur lined azure blue cloak add another look to the silver embroidered white robe outfit. This is perhaps one of my favorite look in this drama.

Outfit #19a - First Appearance in Episode 28 - Black leather armor with blue tunic 
Black Leather Armor

Outfit #19b -First Appearance in Episode 49 @Jinling Capital City -Black leather armor over black robes

Outfit #20a - First Appearance in Episode 30 @Ganzhou Camp - This brown leather armor is often reworn by Xiao Pjing but with a different color robe to sport a different look. 
BrownLeather Armor

Outfit #20b- First Appearance Episode 30- @Ganzhou Province - Burgundy robe under brown leather armor

Outfit #20c - First Appearance in Episode 33 @Ganzhou Province - Brown leather armor with blue tunic and white robe.
Brown Leather Armor

Outfit #21 - First Appearance in Episode 31@Liang/Da Yu Borderland - Official suit of armor for General Huaihua. As the supreme commander of the northern army, this armor is Xiao Pingjing's most ornate military outfit.
Full Armor fix

Outfit #22 - First Appearance in Episode 29 @Jinling Capital City - Informal Blue Robe that Xiao Pingjing wears quite often in the last few episodes. This blue robe is perhaps my favorite costume of the series. 
Royal Blue Robe

Outfit # 23 - First Appearance in Episode 31@Da Yu Kingdom - The detailing on the garment of Da Yu Kingdom is different from what Xiao Pingjing's typical wardrobe in the Liang Kingdom. Da Yu's style seems to have more a "northern" feel with the greater emphasis on bead patterns and fur embellishments. 

Outfit #24 - First Appearance in Episode 31 @Da Yu Army Camp - Black infantry uniform of Da Yu Kingdom is contrast to the Liang Kingdom's red/brown infantry uniform. 
DaYu Uniform

Outfit #25 -  First Appearance Episode 36@Jinling Capital City - This formal court black robe with red embroidery is perhaps the most ornate costume that Xiao Pingjing wore and reflects his official title as General Huai Hua. 

Outfit #26 - First Appearance in Episode 37@Jinling Capital City - Official mourning robe for a deceased parent. 
Father Mourning

Outfit #27 - First Appearance in Episode 37 @Lang Ya Mountain - Xiao Pingjing wore this full white robe during his required three-year mourning period for his late father. 

Outfit #28 - First Appearance in Episode 38@Lang Ya Mountain - This plain white robe is probably a layering piece for Outfit #22.

Outfit #29 - First Appearance in Episode  39 @Lang Ya Mountain - Being away from the capital city, Xiao Pingjing's costumes are more casual and simple. 
Black and White 2

Outfit # 30 - First Appearance Episode 47 @Northern Frontier - This suit of armor originally belonged to his older brother, Xiao Pingzhang. If you look carefully, the two holes left the arrow wounds of Xiao Pingzhang are still visible. 

Outfit #31 - First Appearance in Episode 49 @Jinling Capital City - Xiao Pingjing wore this complete black night reconnaissance robe earlier in Episode 3 but it figured more prominently in the penultimate episode.
Night Suit

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