Official Stills Part III and latest release rumors for Legend of Lu Zhen

Lu Zhen treats Gao Zhan's wounds after their third meeting
After multiple false alarms and misinformation, there are some "positive" signs that Legend of Lu Zhen will be airing "soon." Based onHunan TV's bad record, the definition of "soon" may  mean weeks or months. The latest rumors indicate two potential release dates: May 1 and May 12.  Though we should take all rumors with a grain of salt, I think there is a little truth in these rumors. Hunan TV is actually starting to promote Legend of Lu Zhen by inviting the cast to a popular variety show, Happy Camp. Chen Xiao, Zhao Liying, Qiao Yinliang, and Yang Rong will show up in Changsha on April 26 to record an episode of Happy Camp. Now this bit of information is a very convincing indication of its pending release! Being a Hunan TV invested project, Legend of Lu Zhen's TV rating is a big concern for the station's executives. The drama is garnered toward the younger audience, particularly the student population. The TV executives probably want to air it during the holidays and May 1st is a big national holiday in China. Anyway, keep your hopes low. I'm prepared to be disappointed again. In the meantime, enjoy these high-quality stills!

Xiao Huanyun in her bridal attire
The happy-go-lucky Dan Niang
Gao Yin
Gao Zhan with with his older sister, Princess Gao Xiang
Shen Bi, Lu Zhen's biggest political rival
Shen Bi and Gao Zhan
Two frowning brothers

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