SWAK cast "traveled back in time" to Ru Yi

I always knew the production company (Xing Sheng Di Movie & Television Culture Co.) who produced SWAK was also responsible for Ru Yi. But I definitely did not expect them to reunite many of SWAK cast members back to shoot Ru Yi. LOL. There are just too many familiar faces! I counted 10 cast members so far. Luckily, this time the production company has more money to spend on the costumes because the main leads have quite a few good looking outfits. Unfortunately, the story/writing of Ru Yi doesn't captivate me as much as SWAK. I thought it would be fun to list out all the actors/actresses who returned to shoot Ru Yi. Hawick Lau's next Qing Dynasty project called Night of Spring, also based on a novel by Fei Wo Si Cun, is produced by this company again. So expect some veteran cast members to return for that drama as well!

Hawick Lau: Tan Mingkai vs. Mo Shaoqian

Liu Xuehua: Madam Tan vs. Jiang Yun

Zhang Chenguang: Ye Haishan vs. Mu Changhe

Chu Hanlun: Ah Kang vs. Zhang Zhiyuan

Mr. Tong vs. Dr. Gu

Liu Kenan: a street hooligan vs. Zhao Gaoxing

Tan Family Household Manger vs. Tong Xue's uncle (Jiang Wei)

Ru Yi's Stepmother vs. Tong Xue's Uncle Wife

Vency Wen Mengyang: Ye Zi vs. Liu Yueying (SWAK mini-movie)

Angelina Ma Wei: Jinhua vs. Seductress at nightclub (SWAK mini-movie)

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