Recap: SWAK Miniseries Ep.1 Missed Opportunity

Episode1 unveils with Mo Shaoqian at a park and his assistant, Wenhao comes to report to him that Tong Xue is back. Surprisingly, Shaoqian doesn’t show any interest to see her again. In the car, Wenhao and Shaoqian discuss some business matters. It seems Shaoqian is still “Director Mo” or “CEO Mo.” He has definitely managed to keep his wealth and went off to do his own business after his fallout with the powerful Mu family.

Shaoqian then starts to cough uncontrollably and takes his medication. Wenhao watches with worry. As they are about to leave, Shaoqian sees Tong Xue walking across them and still refuses to seek contact with her.
After a full year studying abroad, Tong Xue excitedly returns to seek Mo Shaoqian in hope of rekindling their relationship. She calls Wenhao to ask about Shaoqian, but Wenhao lies and says that “Director Mo is out of the country.”

They meet up at a coffee shop. Through their conversation, we learn that Mo Shaoqian is actually collaborating in business with his ex-wife, Mu Yongfei. Tong Xue comments that this gesture truly shows that Shaoqian has finally let go of his past. When Tong Xue tries to extract more information about Shaoqian’s whereabouts from Wenhao, he continues to give her fuzzy answers without any detail information about when Shaoqian will “return” from his trip abroad. Tong Xue then asks Wenhao for a big favor. She wants Wenhao to arrange a job for her in Shaoqian’s company. Tong Xue is determined to wait till he returns. Wenhao hesitates for a bit.

Late night at work, Wenhao passes by Shaoqian’s office and sees him completely absorbed in deep thought. As Wenhao enters the room, he notices a piece of chocolate cream cake on the coffee table and asks Shaoqian if that is something Tong XUe loves to eat. Shaoqian corrects him that that it's mousse, which tastes terrible. LOL.  Wenhao then consults with Shaoqian about his wish to renovate the company’s lounge area for their employees and Shaoqian tells Wenhao that he trusts him enough to do what he thinks best.

At home, Tong Xue is having a little slumber party with Yueying to celebrate her return. It’s revealed that Yueying has already married Zhao Gaoxing. As they drink red wine, Yueying curiously asks when did Tong Xue learn how to drink. Tong Xue then confesses to her best friend that while living abroad, whenever she thought about “him” or whenever she couldn’t fall asleep, she would take a snip of wine. After everything, Tong Xue vows that she’s not going to miss another opportunity to be with Shaoqian. Yueying fully supports her decision.
Next day, Tong Xue shows up at Shaoqian’s company for the renovation project that Wenhao proposed. In the elevator, she encounters a man named Song Yi who looks exactly like her first love, Xiao Shan. He is actually the new college intern to assist Tong Xue in her design project.

When Shaoqian found out Tong Xue is actually working at his company, he confronts Wenhao about the arrangement and restates his intention to not to see her. Despite his vocal refusal to see Tong Xue, Shaoqian still cannot refrain himself from visiting Tong Xue’s work space at night.
At Tong Xue’s desk, he glances at her drawings and then uses a scratch piece of white paper to fold the same origami crane that Tong Xue gave him. Around the same time, we see Tong Xue walking back to her work space to pick up something she forgot to take.  Unfortunately, Shaoqian has already left when she got there, but she notices a white origami crane lying on her desk and immediately associates it with Shaoqian.

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