Yu Zheng releases colorful stills of Yun Zhong Ge

Even though the newly released official stills of Yun Zhong Ge are highly photoshopped, I can't help but admire the surreal aesthetics they project. Angelababy is quite fitting in the role of the female protagonist, Yun Ge, at least in the look department. Yang Rong is also absolutely gorgeous as the vengeful but pitiful Huo Chengjun. Lu Yi is also aging very well and does not look too out of place pairing up with Angelababy. I think the character I am looking forward to watch is the antagonist, Liu Bingyi, also known as Chen Xiao. LOL.

Called me biased, but the guy has the potential to be a chameleon. He may not be a great actor yet, but at minimum, he is able to bring out a different feeling in every character he plays. I just want to see Liu Bingyi outwits everyone in this series. However, I greatly fear the writer, who also wrote the "boggle-my-mind" In Love with Power lacks the sharp writing power and creativity necessary to pull together this massive array of characters and develop the story with clarity and intrigue. I guess I should prepare myself to pull a few strands of hair if Chen Xiao's Liu Bingyi turns out to be a scumbag.

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