Chen Xiao & Zhao Liying join their co-stars in the promotional tour of The Palace

The August 13th release date of The Palace movie is fast approaching and the cast is starting to ramp on the promotion. Even though Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying are not the OTP in this movie, I can't help but enjoy their off screen presence in interviews and public events. They are such good eye candies!

Left to Right: Chen Xiao, Zhao Liying, Zhu Zixiao, and Bao Bei'er

You can read the transcript of the Hunan TV Golden Eagle interview in Chinese HERE. Check back later for the link to the video interview.

In another interview, Chen Xiao disclosed that he and Zhao Liying would not collaborate again in the near future. After working on three projects together, they feel they have a very understanding of each other acting style. Constantly acting with the same people will do not much to improve one's acting skill and the audience will also eventually get bored. Hence, Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying are going to take a "break" from each other and collaborate with other people to learn and perfect their crafts. When the right moment comes, they will definitely work together again. In conclusion, I have a feeling we will have to wait another three to five years for Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying collaborate again.

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